Growing and Grafting in Edmonton!

Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)April 27, 2014

Some information here on bark grafting..

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Konrad can you help me out with this.
I suck at spring grafts. All are short lived or don't take.

I tried whip grafting some of the Riley apricot onto one of the capilano Trees i got from you last year.
Problem is the Riley cutting seemed much fresher and greener. The capilano was growing like crazy last season got them almost 3/4" thick. But I had no fresh last years growth to graft the Riley scions to. The wood on the capilano was very difficult to work with.

Do I have to graft last years growth onto last years growth?

And how late into spring can I wait. I've got lots in the fridge .
Buds on most of my trees have swelled how much longer can I wait to do grafts?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

You're way too early,..grafting starts in about another week or two, you want to see the buds on the rootstock bursting an growing, then the bark is slippery and easy to cut into with "flat" knife, by pushing down, then loosen bark a little with knife by twisting both way as you keep the knife still down on the wood after cutting into. When wood is ready and slippery, the cut will be much cleaner and the scion wood can be easily inserted.

The root stock can be several years old, [I don't like to use heavier then thumb size, will heal together faster] but the scion has to be always last years growth, which means, you need to harvest the wood on the very end of branches.

You'll have lots of time,..about into mid June.
Keep scion wood in a zip lock bag with a moist, [not wet] piece of paper towel in the fridge.

You can still harvest bud wood now if needed, [I did some Saskatoon today]...especially when wrapping with para-film tape after grafting.

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Well i did two tonight using this exact style konrad.

Ill wait a few weeks than giver some more. Your technique is pretty slick.

What is the longest scion you can use. Ive got some resl nice 12-16" sticks that were lasts years growth with the thickest point being around 1/4" .
If i cut short i think the thin part will be to thin . Is it ok to graft the full piece or do i need to cutt it?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Normally, only use 2 or 3 buds sticking out when you're done.
That cherry graft in the link I used a couple more because I knew the pin cherry root stock would have allot of energy to push out all the buds. My root stock is mostly larger then scion, so, doing a bark graft, it doesn't matter size differences. If you have same size on both, then a whip and tongue graft would be preferred.

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Ill wait few weeks and try again i did not see your response till after i did them.

Right now a few of my trees buds are looking very close to opening is this the time ? Or do i let it flower

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