when is it safe to move a rose bush?

crazy_daisy70(Zone 3)April 9, 2011

Hey everyone, haven't been on here in a while (a year or more?) but I am still here! I'm logged in under a different name (was crazydaisy_68) for some reason but its me Ang! :D

Anyways... we are needing to get concrete work done around our house this spring/summer and will be re-doing some flower beds as a result. I definitely want to save some plants (bury some mistakes hopefully too!). My biggest concern, as you can tell from the subject line, is my rose bush. Mostly "when?" is the big question.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Hey, Ang - nice to see you!

I've moved rosebushes during the summer, but i've heard it's best to do while they're still dormant. I could be wrong, though. Just don't move them too late in the year.

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There's a video on YouTube of Ashdown Roses entitled Moving An Established Rose During Dormant Season.

The sound on my computer isn't working, so I'm not sure if he tells you the best time to do it. There must have been something interesting in the video though, otherwise I wouldn't have bookmarked it. =:)

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

We moved my large Hansa a couple of years ago, and i thought it was a goner, but it's pretty tough and came back. Morden Sunrise didn't survive her second move, though. :( Will have to replace her one of these years.

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crazy_daisy70(Zone 3)

Thanks marcia and nutsaboutflowers! Makes sense to move it while it's still dormant. I'll move her as soon as possible and hope for the best!

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Hi all, I am in Zone 5b and HAVE to move two rose bushes. I know nothing about them (name, type, species, breed, etc). The home where they are is being sold and a family member wants them for sentimental reasons. Can I cut them back and "pot" them until spring? We had a hard freeze a while back, however the ground isn't frozen and the weather is mild right now 50's. Pretty uncustomary for northern Indiana for this time of year. Thank you all for your help.

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