HAVE: queen's wreath, calamondin, dwf ponciana, sapodilla s

natives_and_veggies(10b)May 12, 2010

It's that time in my yard, when I have seeds of a few cool things. I so rarely have anything to "have" on this forum, so I offer them up.

About them:

Calamondin is also called Chinese orange, it's a small citrus tree, with small fruits that are sour and make really cute garnishes and wonderful marinades for fish or chicken. We like them in cocktails because they're so cute. And unlike most citrus, they grow true from seed - I also have plants.

Sapodilla - mine is a 40-foot tree, so I have no idea how long a tree from seed will take to fruit. Mine is a variety that drops fruit year-round, with a flush a fruit in February. And it's reeeeeally sweet.

Dwarf ponciana - also called Pride of Barbados, this is a hardy small tree with a much longer bloom season than a royal ponciana. And thorns. No water needs or pests and butterflies, bees and even wild parrots love it.

Queens Wreath - it's breathtaking in bloom. A vine.

Willing to trade for anything edible that will grow in South Florida (well, almost anything. I don't like eggplant or swiss chard) and flower seeds that are easy germinating and easy care. And I'd love natives that you love.



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