Roses blooming in the garden room too!

mary_lu_gwJune 7, 2011

We are on vacation this week, and what a week! Everything is really blooming fast! Yesterday the temps got to 96 with heat index of 103. Today it is supposed to get to 99 with index of maybe 105+?

Got up early and took a few pictures and thought I would share. So with the peonies blooming on the other side of the house, this is what the garden room looked like early this morning. Many more to open in the next few days. This is just the beginning!

This is where I stop to take a break from the heat with a glass of lemonade.

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Despite the weather conditions, your flowers look very healthy. Very pretty.

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So pretty! I always love to see your beautiful garden room. TFS

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roseberri, z6(6)

OHHHH!Marylu Thank you for sharing, your gardens are always so beautiful!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

It is absolutely breathtaking! So beautiful. What a great view of your stunning garden. I just love your garden.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Another favorite garden! I can't believe how much the roses on the trellises have filled in. Your brick paths are perfectly done.

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Hi Mary Lu, wow your garden is looking lovely! Love the brick paths and the sundial, and look at how healthy green and well groomed everything is. Beautiful!!

Your temps seem awful high this early in the season, hope you get a break before summer really hits. We've had rather cool temps here in S. CA, only in the 60s or 70s days, and its still dipping into the low forties at night! But I'm not complaining. May gray and June gloom is okay with me.

Hugs XX Becky

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Gorgeous! I was just thinking today that if your roses were in bloom at the same time as all the peonies you must be in heaven and garden overload. I hope you can stand the heat to enjoy!!

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

What a delight to see!
I did not realize it got that hot there. We are certainly use to high temps. That's not to say we like them.
I have a water sprinkler on, in the shade, for the birds.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Outstanding, as always! Absolutely beautiful.

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what a beautiful garden you have. i especially love your swing.

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Thank you everyone! We were so tired when we came in after dark last night that I didn't even turn on the computer. We were able to finish the brick edging along the driveway.

schoolhouse, yes they do look pretty good. A few of the annuals I planted look a little scorched, but for the most part everything is doing better than I hoped in this heat.

luckygal, roseberri, thank you! I'm not sure if we had it to do over if we would put as many gardens in again. As we are getting older it is harder to keep everything looking nice and still work full time.

newyorkrita, the overview picture was taken from the 2nd floor in the garage. I wish we wouldn't have to wait to build the 2 level porch that is planned for there. Your gardens and roses are so lovely as well. I doubt I could maintain as large a garden as you have.

hosenemisis, yes the trellis fence has filled in nicely again. I do miss it entirely covered in roses, but the look now is also appealing and does provide privacy.

Becky, we are hoping for cooler temps later this week. Today is supposed to be the last day of high temps. Upper 90's again today. 60-70's sounds lovely!

GGG, the heat is getting a little wearing, especially as we had planned to do so much work this week while on vacation. Some of it is getting done, but some is not. However, we do take time to just sit and enjoy too. Although more often than not we go inside to cool off! :-) Bloom overload is a good way of putting it! It has never happend quite like this that everything (spring and early summer) flowers all blooming at the same time!

plantmaven, I have been watering quite a bit, but no sprinklers as I am afraid everything would scorch! It sure takes a long time to hand water though. It is exceptional for us to get this high of heat this early in the year. Usually July/August is when we get these kind of temps.

thyme2dig and journalbee thank you! The swing is a feature we had not originally planned, but now we are so glad that we did think of it.

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Beautiful, I love how the stone looks with the brick . I remember a while back you said you had lost roses to RRD. It looks like you have it under control. I lost a few roses to it also. Regina

    Bookmark   June 11, 2011 at 9:32AM
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