Adventures in container gardening

schoolhouse_gwJune 21, 2013

Giving it another go. Geraniums seem to work best so I stuck with those again this year. Also some "Million Bells" petunias.
I wish I had a better pic of the white Martha Washington geranium, I'll try again later.

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Red "Million Bells" with a vinca vine in each.

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I love Million Bells. those are nice.

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The MB have never grown so nicely for me before. Now if I can just not let them dry out or over water them.

I don't know why I removed the pic, but here it is. The same urns, only different angle.

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I also love million bells,and I love your stepping stones.What is that in the 3rd picture behind your plant that has the reddish/orangy leaves??
Like those urns as well.I got 2 smaller urns last week up the street at their yard sale,along with a nice big octagon shaped planter.I have to put holes in the urns,they are plastic,but don't really look like it.I just use my wood burner to do the holes.It's seen more pots than it has wood!! LOL

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Kathi, do you mean the upright shrub in the 3rd.pic? If so that is an Irish Juniper. Or do you mean the one up front to the left of the pot with the magenta geranium? That is a wild geranium going into it's Fall coloring already(!). Leaves turn yellow and then reddish.

I would grab any urns I found at a garage sale, esp. concrete or terracotta. They are so expensive now days. But I've seen some plastic ones that are done really well too. They sure would be easier to move about and put into storage.

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Very handsome urns filled with flowers.
They seem to all being doing very well.
My mother has ALWAYS been good at growing Geraniums. Not me.
So I asked her what the secret is and she said to let them dry out completely and then water .
Mine are doing much better now.

I like your combinations in the pots and urns. Lovely.


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The geranium is the one I was speaking of.Thanks for letting me know.

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Annie, your Mother is right. Now if only I could keep my mitts off the watering can until the soil is dry but I get anxious and drown them.

Ok Kathi. I really like the wild geranium even tho it (and does at my house) become a nuisance. Just have to keep pulling the seedlings where you don't want them. Plus they grow so rapidly, bloom beautifully, but then get a little ragged.

Awaiting thunderstorms here tonight. Seemed to have gone around us all afternoon.

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