How cutting leaves is supported without roots

foolishpleasureMarch 28, 2011

I have cuttings which developed 4 leaves and no root yet. How these leaves get moisture and nutrients without the service of the roots. The leaves look very green and healthy.

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Fool, I have many instances of the same and cuttings that sprout figs before roots. I just keep them in a humid environment and eventually the roots catch up. But I know that the experts will probably say to shear off the leaves (definately the figs) for the greater good. I don't disagree, but i am no expert

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

The leaf growth is support by food and moisture stored in the cutting from back when the cutting was a part of the parent tree. Removal/shearing of these leaves would definitely be counterproductive and only slow root growth! They are providing energy and hormones needed for that growth. Providing a moist environment (like in a moisture tent) will keep the leaves from desiccating the cutting.

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Most of my cuttings sprouted leaves first before roots. I started them in water. But once they went in a tote with high humidity, the roots quickly caught up. In some instances, the roots actually surpassed the growth of leaves. Make sure to remove all figlets. Soak up needed energy.

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Thanks I just was wondering. I am kepping them in humid environment under plastic tent.

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