Best time to transplant Norway and Colordao Blue Spruces

dorry2September 2, 2006

When IS the best time to transplant Norways and Colordao Blue Spruces. I planted both in the fall of 2002 (all trees about three feet tall) and the Norways are taking off, but the Colordao Blues are the are really slow-growing, so I am having them moved. These were planted for privacy and because they Colordaos are too slow, I want to move the Norways and Colorados into another part of the yard. Is fall an okay time to move these trees? They will be watered well into the early December since I know they can dry out quickly in the winter, just want to know if I should expect success with moving these trees in the fall.

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The best time is the spring, about 3 weeks before these trees normally break bud. Fall planting is risky for conifers because cold, dry winds in winter require established roots to provide the moisture to the green foliage. But perhaps in zone 7 you could get away with fall planting, but I wouldn't try it, unless the trees were already growing in containers.


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I agree with Spruceman. Even in Portland, OR (zone 8 and year-round planting, we at the nursery never got any bareroot trees/shrubs in Fall ever. All even in this zone were delivered early spring.


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COnifers are available pretty much year round here in Maryland. The conifers to be moved were all planted in October of 2002. I am willing to take the chance since I have had succeess with moving trees and plants in the fall. I know the importance of deep, slow watering so I will probably just do it since the landscape company is coming this fall to do some rearranging and adding new beds. I will keep you posted.


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Use deep mulch to heep the ground from freezing, and, if possible, screen them from the winter winds.


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