cuttings from brown turkey fig - advice needed

tcleigh(6)March 31, 2011

Hello, Fig People:

I just took a 12" cutting from a neighbor's brown turkey fig and placed it in a 2-gallon nursery pot, burying about 9", with potting soil and perlite. The cutting already had a fruit on it and one or two leaves on the end. The tree itself had just begun to leaf.

Will it root this way? Should I wrap the whole thing in a plastic bag for a while? Should I pick off the fruit to encourage rooting?

I tried rooting fig cuttings in paper towels last year. It worked well except they got all moldy before I could plant them...

Also, I've read that fig's like acidic soils, should I add some gardening lime to the potting mix?

Any other tips to ensure this cutting takes? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been wanting to propagate figs for some time now...

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All I know about your information is remove the fruit. I have several cutting from Black Mission. One of it did great it is almost a tree now few more doing very fine and the rest did nothing. It is tricky to know why? The ones rooted for me are in sphagnum moss in cups setting on a heating Mat. I had no problem with mold.

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Hi Tcleigh,
As seen in Ray Givens video a man thats been around figs a long time.
remove any figs . You mention it had 1 or leaves on the end - leave those on.
Then cut 2 bottom off 2 liter pop bottle , water throughly the cutting and mist bottle with sprayer .
Leave bottle cap on . If stick start to take little by little loosen the bottle cap until you can take cap off completely.
Soon enough you can remove to bottle as well .
May not always work but when does its exciting.
There are different ways to root scionwood and this is one of them.

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