Fig for zone 4/5

welhamMarch 6, 2007

I live in Montreal and just found a source for figs in Canada (probably old news to people on this forum). Does anyone have experience with What variety would you recommend (something that tastes good and I can't kill easily!)



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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I hope you are planning on keeping your fig in a pot that will make a trek yearly indoors, either that or you are gifted with a wonderful microclimate and the patience to carefully prepare your plant for winter.

My only complaint about Adriano's is that they do not ship to the US, though I have though about getting a post-office box in Windsor (20 mins away) and having plants shipped there...

Celeste, Hardy Chicago are the varieties that come to mind, but don't necessarily limit yourself to these if you are planning on potting up your fig(s).


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I agree with Chills....the best bet is to bring them inside (garage/shed/basement) for the winter.

I have two that have made it two years outside, but they are up against the outside of a brick fireplace on the south side of the house and is sheltered from the wind. I got them from someone that lived upstate NY (zone 4/5) who swore this fig was super-hardy. I also have to really wrap them up and surround/cover them with bales of hay and bags of leaves...even then, it's a crap shoot. I hope they made it through this winter but won't know for at least another 6 weeks.

I had bamboo growing outside in that same place for three years, and was congratulating myself for having the perfect spot/luck/secret to zone stretching and then the fourth year bamboo...

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

You won't get better advise or experience from anyone else in Canada. Adriano hs been doing this a long time, and is a stand-up guy.

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I was aware that I would have to bring the fig into the garage for the winter. My garage is unheated and falls below zero. It can get quite cold so I presume I need a hardy variety unless I take it to the basement? If I do take it to the basement, does that mean I can pick any variety based on taste or are some better suited to pots, shorter summers, etc.?

I'm going to contact Adriano's. According to his page he sells cutting as well as trees. Are cuttings very hard to root or is it only pitangadiego who has such amazing luck with them?

Thanks for all the info everyone.


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I have had good luck with pitangadiego's method (and I really appreciate him sharing it). Not all cuttings root as quickly, but I currrently have a brown turkey that I put in the bag on February 26 that has about ten 1/2 inch roots (March 8). Second year growth with good initials seem to put out roots the fastest as one year wood in the same bag has only small scattered bumps right now (same seems to hold true for the other bags). This sure beats my old method which was put them in the ground and wait for spring.

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