Ornamental grass to go with Russian Sage

sybilla(6B)June 4, 2010

I've gotten great info on russian sage here and hope to be one of the lucky ones, and I've also seen recommendations on grasses for different conditions. But I'd love to hear if anyone has specific suggestions for a sturdy, attractive grass to pair with my russian sage for a steep, sunny embankment. Coastal zone 6 - windy - but reasonably good soil. Am planning to also fill with groundcover (arctostaphylos if I can get it)... I'm thinking Panicum virgatum but there are so many! Thanks in advance!

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Why choose only 1! It really depends on how they are positioned, how steep the slope is and how big the area is. Generally, a lot of Panicums are sorta greyish...but so are Russian Sage...if you get some, perhaps 'Shenandoah' which has purplish-red tinged leaves for the latter part of the growing season. I'd put them behind the sage for verticality and height. Some Miscanthus flanking them for their different shape...maybe 'November Sunset'. In front, I'd likely use Pennisetum, maybe 'Karley Rose' our 'Moudry'. You get a lot of different shapes and forms, foliage color and bloom shapes. Maybe also some Echinacea...I've always had a fondness for grasses, russian sage and echinaceas together.

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