HAVE: Blooming waterlilies for trade

dorsteniaJuly 24, 2010

I have 'Red Flare'(tropical red-leaved maroon flowers night bloomer that is very hardy for me), 'Mexicana'(hardy yellow, very prolific), 'Queen of the Night' (hardy white, very pretty)and 'Texas Dawn' light yellow, almost white, with slight speckles on leaves). All these lilies are blooming, some very large, with multiple flower output. I also have parrot-feather, giant water sensitive plant, anacharis, hornwort, floating heart, and probably lots others to trade. I am not a beginner and will require something I don't already have in trade. I also grow many other tropicals and hardies, so it can be most anything. I also have a few rare variegates to trade if you have something unusual to trade, especially if it is variegated.

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