Butterfly Ginger

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)June 22, 2010

My Butterfly Gingers are up. I LOVE these flowers.

The tallest ones are about 2-1/2 ft. I transplanted them to a sunnier location. The Redbud tree has really spread out low and horizontally and the shaded area is now too shaded. So, last year my butterflies didn't bloom. I hope they do better this year. I set them out in two locations to see where they do best. I hope they don't die.

I got them from my cousin in Hawaii years back. When she and her husband moved to the mainland (why would anyone want to leave Paradise?) she brought some of her most loved plants with her and brought me this Butterfly Ginger for my garden.

June 2005

When I grew it in a pot it bloomed and bloomed and bloomed. Since then, it hasn't.

Where do you have yours planted? Would love to see your photos.

BTW, she also provided the seeds for this Jaqueranda tree. Her sister started the tree and she in turn gave one to me when she moved up to Washington state. It grew for me for five years. I repotted it twice, but then sadly it died. Got too cold in the greenhouse when the power went off. This is next to my Koi Pond - 2005

Please feel free to post your Flowering Ginger pics. Tell me your secrets to growing them. Soil, moisture, sunlight, etc.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Annie, I love flowering gingers. I don't have many white - and maybe none this year. When they were digging around for the gas pipes they dug into that garden for absolutely NO reason. I told them there was no gas line anywhere near there. They dug up the plants and just threw them on the ground and didn't say a word to me. After several freezes I realized what they had done!
Hopefully the colored gingers (harder to get) will be fine. Most look great with lots of water this year. I'm growing them in FULL hot sun although it is recommended for afternoon shade. They are in very deep, rich soil still with a high clay content (to hold water) with layers and layers of mulch (which they seem to love). I do not fertilize them as they sit close to our "fresh compost" area (we throw kitchen waste into buckets over the fence until the buckets are filled and then I put that into the compost...the "good stuff" seems to leak out into the soil there. They love it!).

Here's the orange ginger:

Here's a pink ginger from a long long time ago! (look, I had grass and a forest then!!!)

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Oh, thanks for posting GGG!
Oh yours are so pretty.
I've never seen any but the white ones.
Do they all smell the same or does each color have their own special fragrance, kind of like Irises? They all smell like irises, but each is a little different. Interesting, isn't it?

Don't you just LOVE the way Ginger blossoms smell? It's similar to Gardenias. Fills the garden with their fragrance on hot summer evenings. Man oh man!

I sure hope mine blooms this year.
I will go out here in a bit and scoop some good stuff from the compost pile and put it in around them and then pile on a thick layer of the composted chipped wood. (I still have a huge pile in the driveway and it has rotted down nicely now). Maybe I need to bury mine deeper. They were somewhat protected under that Redbud tree, but it was too shady and they were rotting. Still, I ended up with several plants and one long rhizome.
I may just wait until we have some cooler temps to bury them deeper.

Thanks for sharing!


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Annie,those are beautiful,i've never had any luck with ginger plants,guess they don't like me.LOLThat white is just gorgeous,nice bright white like my glads.

That jacaranda has some humungous leaves,never seen one with leaves that big and they are the street tree plant here in parts of S.ca.Here's a picture of my jacaranda in bloom,i love it,but it's a messy tree,so i have it planted on the lower level of our yard away from the house and sidewalks.

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I have white butterfly, which I love dearly! My original clump is probably 5 feet wide (and will be that high in August when it blooms). I have 4 other clumps out in the garden and one in my stream, too. I have given away clumps to friends and neighbors.

This spring, a nursery asked me to do a review and let me order $30 worth of plants to test their packing and shipping quality. One plant is a shampoo ginger. It is up out of the ground now, but I doubt it will bloom this first year.

Cameron From Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel

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Oh, Kathy,
you're making me so homesick. I can almost smell those sweet blooms now. My Grannie had one on the south slope below the back of her house so she could look out her bedroom windows and see it in bloom and smell the fragrance.
She did complain sometimes about the mess they made, but she loved that tree.

Mine was a beauty. I just hated that I lost it. It grew to about ten ft. It was a booger to move into the greenhouse in the winter. When it was smaller (like in the photo above), I brought it into the house and put it right here where my computer desk is now - north-facing window. It was lovely in the winter when everything outside was so drab.

Lucky you! Send me some seeds, PLEASE? I would love to try growing another one. I'm ready. I got a new generator for this winter's power failures. No more freezing cold and we will have water too, since our well water is brought into the house via and electric pump). Sooo, no more loss of power in the greenhouse too. Yeah!

Anyway, back to Ginger plants!


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vicki7(z7 N.Ga.)

I was given some iris a year or so ago and some butterfly ginger came along with it! When the foliage first started coming up, I thought it was a canna (which I am not crazy about) but then it bloomed and I was in love... I don't know if I've ever smelled a more heavenly fragrance. I had to research to find out what it was, I'd never seen one before. It's up again this year, but hasn't bloomed yet. Love to have some more of them.

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Me too Vicki. I'd love to have more of them.
I hope mine multiply this year.

What a lucky extra surprise gift you got with those Irises. I like surprises like that.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Annie, the gingers all have a slightly different smell. None smell quite like white butterfly ginger but they all smell lovely and they also bloom at different times. From July-Nov. I usually have gingers (maybe earlier this year with the rain and the heat). They are fantastic as cut flowers, they last so long. I always have them at church - on the alter when they look the best and then I tuck them way at the back when they are a bit raggedy looking but still smell fantastic. We also keep them in the house as natural air freshener.

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carrieburgess3(5 NS, Canada)

Oh wow, what speical flowers!!! I think I like the white ones the best. They have a very eligent flower. But they are all so pretty.

What zone are they hardy to? I would love to give them a try.


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Right I'm thinking the same question - how winter hardy are they. I'm willing to do them in pots and bring them in as well - sounds like they need a big container?

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Floridata says 7b-11 for white butterfly ginger (hedychium coronarium).

I grow mine in 7b up against the east side of the house as well as out in the open garden and in my stream where it is in running water all year long. I let it collapse from the first frost, then cut it back to the ground (or to the water level in the stream).

I divide mine in the spring when the green shoots appear. It's a tough, thick rhizome and all you need is an 8" piece with several eyes on it to get started. I can share some next spring to those who are local. I don't want to mail it anywhere because we are in a fire ant quarantine zone. Though I've not seen any here in years, I still want to be careful.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Most of mine are at the edge of hardiness here. They can take down to zone 7 with heavy mulch. Those I had in pots at church this year, the top rhizomes died but the ones at the bottom of the pots lived the frosts we had.

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Annie,send me your snail mail addy and i'll save some seeds for you.I also have a lot of wisteria seed pods on the bush/tree,but they aren't quite brown enough to pick yet.Let me know if you want some of those as well.Always willing to help a fellow gardener with their stash of seeds.LOL

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You area a gem!
I am so glad I asked!!!

You've got mail!

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