Hardiest Morrello - Free Scions May 6 Edm.

intothearkApril 23, 2014

i will be having a demo of our products at Save-on-Foods
in Sherwood Park (baseline road store), on the afternoon of Tuesday May 6

i have some scions from my morrellos that i will bring with me,
they will be free for anyone who wants some (no purchase necessary)

unfortunately i forget to get pics of the fruit last year,
(pic borrowed from a polish site, they really do get a nice deep color inside and out)
but they are a true morrello (schattenmorrelle/lutowka - prunus cerasus austera)
whereas the evans i believe is an amarelle type (Konrad may know more here)

they took 5 years to get established, but finally started producing well last year
i was worried they were not happy out here in 2b,
but they are a really tasty, juicy, good sized fruit (evans sized)
and seem now to be a decent producer

they also really put on the growth last year,
pruned quite a few inner/crossing shoots (hence the offer of free scions)

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I bought a Schattenmorrelle tree, not sure if it was this one.. from a German Guy about 12 years ago, it died after about 3 years. Would like some scions to try, is yours growing on its own root?
Anything you would like in scions exchange? See list in Kijiji under scion wood.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kijiji

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these are on their own rootstock

for the first 3-4 seasons there was quite a bit of tip die-back,
and no flowers, so i was going to pull them
but they took off last season,
and this was the first spring i actually had to do any pruning

the leaves are huge on it compared to other tart cherries,
and they always have this curled-look to them,
like the plant is on its last legs

i'll include the pruned pic of it
after my evans standard died right back, i kept these as low bushes

i would not be averse to getting a few more plum and/or pear scions from you (i have lots of room on my wild plum and siberian pear)

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I've never heard of a Morrello before. Obviously I am living in the wrong place! I can't wait to see the results.

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i have 3 plants that survived
but on one there were 2 main stems, and one of the stems split near the base
so it will have to be removed
maybe a lack of snow cover before cold hit it,
or warm during the day and bitter cold at night/morning

there is still 1 healthy stem (thankfully) and if another 1-2 come from the base i'll let them come

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

OK..made my decision to pass on this scion wood, I might be putting in a little tree instead. I'm in the process of striking a deal with someone who gets several from the tissue lab. [former DNA] on a swap with one of my Fofonoff plums. But thanks for the offer, intotheark!

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