Whats eating ONLY my zinnia seedlings?

tammyinwv(z6/WV)June 2, 2010

I have had problems with slugs and have sprinkled sluggo around the beds. Now nothing else is bothered except my zinnia's. Everyone of the seeds I bought, sowed, then planted the seedlings are gone down to the dirt. If sluggo stopped the slugs or whatever from bothering the other plants, what could possibly be eating my zinnia's? The few I planted recently I put in pots to see if that helps.


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Same thing is happening to my newly sown zinnia seeds. I was so proud they had sprouted so quickly and even have secondary leaves coming on. Alot of the seedlings' leaves are cut. Could it be ants? So far, none have been chewed to the ground - how disappointing for you.

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mine started out with just the leaves, then the next time I check, stems are gone. Dont know if they are ate too or just rotted from leaves being gone.

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Mine are being chewed as well.

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Thank goodness mine are safe so far,and hope they stay that way.Love my zinnias!!

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mbravebird(VA zone 7)

Mine too! I started mine early and transplanted them, so they were bigger and survived the onslaught and are now growing some new leaves. Whatever it was was a ground thing -- they didn't touch the zinns in the pots on the picnic table.

Strange. Never happened before.

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I think it may be earwigs. For the second year in a row it is happening to me as well. Although I hate to, I sprinkled Sevin on them and it seems to help. They are the greatest cutting flower.

Good luck.


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littledog(z7 OK)

Same thing here. I strongly suspect pill bugs, AKAS "rolly pollies".

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I guess sluggo doesnt affect either one of those? Wonder why they seem to be only partial to zinnias?

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andreap(z7 NC)

Sluggo PLUS will kill earwigs and pill bugs. I've gone through quite a bit of it already this season.

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Thanks andreap. I will keep an eye out for it today.

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