HAVE: bananas, ginger and misc tropicals

keiki(10 FL)July 28, 2012

It has been a while since I have been able to play in the garden and I am hoping for a few good trades.

I have:

Raja puri banana - somewhat hardy, very good sweet fruit

Ice cream banana - creamy delicious bananas

Hedychium Kewense - pink butterfly ginger, heavenly scent

Curcuma panama purple - georgous purple color! foliage has maroon stripe

Curcuma zedoaria - maroon stripe foliage, lovely flowers come first for a nice show

alocasia borneo giant - HUGE elephant ear, wonderful showstopper

platycerium bifurcatum - staghorn fern, tropical beauty you can grow in your bathroom

vanila orchid - vine with yellow orchid flowers that produces vanilla beans.

I am looking for orchids, tropical edibles, gingers that don't go dormant in zone 10, tropical fruit, variegated monstera, papershell macadamia, variegated foliage plants,fragrant plants, uncommon beauties. I also trade for hand made objects and art if you have pictures. I am not interested in trading for seeds or cuttings at this time.

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Hi just joined this wonderful group of folks.... and having said that...lol, that pink butterfly Ginger is just out of this world..! I can't get the fragrance out of my nostrills...! a well respected orchid friend here in wpb has some in his jungle... breath taking..! Although I'm running out of areas to do anything, I'd love some ... David

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keiki(10 FL)

David do you have plants to trade? Or possibly something else? I love old stoff and art. Also willing to trade for handmade items,fresh edibles from the garden .. . You name it

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Are you willing to trade a cutting from your vanilla orchid for cacao? I have medium red cacao seedlings. They grow very fast the ones I have now are about 4 inches tall with several leaves. These grow in the shade and are ideal for your zone.

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