Garden losses

Ginny McLean_Petite_GardenApril 24, 2009

Hello fellow gardeners:

I have not been gardening too long yet and have lost a few plants to different causes. I assume others have lost plants in their gardening career; just wondering what the experiences of others has been. Obviously as a person gains more experience with different plants, their losses go down. And are you disappointed by these losses? I mean midly? Or because of the cost? Any thoughts on this topic are appreciated.


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There is not a gardener alive that has not lost plants. Sometimes you are disappointed because the cost and sometimes it is because it was a plant that you really liked, and sometimes you are not disappointed at all because you didn't like that plant anyway.

However you go on. You chalk the cost up to a learning experience, and find others you like as well. You learn how to protect the tender plants and which plants do well in your garden. Then you push the boundries and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

I've lost a few and gain alot in my garden by experimenting and pushing the envelope. If I really want that plant, I always try at least three times, maybe in a different location. After the third time, it was never meant to be. Que Sera, Sera!
Keep in mind too, some plants don't last forever ;)

You can always buy from reputable growers/nurseries like Holes Greenhouse they guarantee their plants, having been properly planted and received reasonable care (Trees, Shrubs & Roses; that die within the first growing season (until November) or the second growing season (until the following November) can be exchanged for a credit from HoleÂÂs.
100% credit in the first growing season
50% credit in the second growing season


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Ginny, It is always fairly sad to lose a plant, which is why I like to avoid spending too much on any one. So far my biggest disappointments have been Datura Golden Queen. I just can't seem to get those seeds to germinate. But for every loss it seems I have two gains, mostly due to compulsive purchasing and experimenting.

Last year it was roses and it looks like a few of my rose seedlings might have perished, but many appear to have made it through the winter with very little protection.

Can't tell if my Re blooming Iris's from Veseys lived yet, but I was taking my chances with a zone4/5 plant.

Sharon, I saw in a 2006 thread you were trying Gladiolus Imbricatus, from Garden's North, were they wins or losses?


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I have lost several plants in the past few years. One was a gorgeous white/yellow/peach peony I had paid a lot of money for. It survived the first year, flowered and then didn't survive the winter. I still don't know why. This year my Shirley Temple peony isn't up yet. Am I expecting it up to early? Last year it was up by May so maybe I am. I did lose my Lewisia after a really bad winter. So far I have been very lucky and not lost to much - but there are somethings I bought that I wish I hadn't and they keep on growing and growing!. The lose of plants is something all gardener's face. Marg

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Gladiolus imbricatus is a surviour, but still very small, they were about 3" tall last season.


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If there is a plant that will grow in my area I can assure you I have lost it. Just never give up.

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Zoe, when did you plant your 'Re blooming Iris's from Veseys'?

Irises that are planted late in the fall have no chance to settle in and make a root system before the winter hits.

In our zone 1-3 gardens none of the Tall Bearded irises will rebloom. There just isn't time for the rhizome to bloom, make increases and then have the increases to be mature enough to bloom yet that summer. Actually, they are more likely to bloom every two years, as our growing season is short and the rhizome has to be mature enough before it is going to bloom. Thus, you may end up having an iris for a few years, with all its increases before you will have the clump bloom for you on a regular basis.

In the future, whatever irises you plant in your garden, when it comes to freezeup time, give a gentle tug on the iris. If it comes was not settled in with new roots and you need to grow it in the house for the winter. If it does not come out, chances are pretty good that it will make it thru.

I even had to take a few irises inside to grow for the winter, that the deer grabbed with their teeth, didn't bother to eat, but left on top of the ground at the end of last November. grrrrrr.... And those irises had been established with a good root system and all. But, now they have some wonderful increases as they have spent the whole winter growing here in the house, in the window. I will now have to find their spot in the garden again and place them back there sometime in the next few weeks.

I don't know of any plants yet that I have lost as some plants will look dead and then in the middle of May suddenly take off. But, I have had some pleasant surprises of plants that did make it that I didn't expect.

It is normal for me to lose a few perennials each year. If it is a mature plant sometimes the tightness of the rootball and lack of the roots to have any soil around them to retain any moisture can basically 'freezerburn' them during the winter.

It can be quite disappointing to lose an expensive new perennial though.


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