Seed Thief!

najoba(8b)June 8, 2012

I've been finding that often one of the well-formed seed chambers on the ripe pods is completely empty.

I think I finally figured out what is going on. In the mornings as I walk through the daylily beds, I hear such lovely melodies from a mockingbird. I had been noticing how it often is sitting on top of the fence post. No wonder it sings so prettily. I suspect it is filling up on my precious daylily seeds with its long sharp pointed beak.

I pulled out a handful of old knee-high panty hose this afternoon and slipped them over the opening pods. If the wind or some critter doesn't carry them off, I may have thwarted our seed thief.


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Put your finger in the valley and your thumb on the ridge. Give the pod a gentle squeeze. If it cracks open at all, it's time to harvest. Before there's any chance of spilling or loosing seeds to critters.

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Thanks, Ed. I thought I had to wait until the whole pod turned brown. While I love listening to our state bird with its variety of song, I sure don't like enabling it to consume precious seeds.


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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

I don't think any of the pods I harvested last year had turned entirely brown. I've been pinching some of my pods almost every day, and yesterday I finally found the first one that was ready to open!


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