Mis-labeled plants at nursery

schoolhouse_gwJune 14, 2010

Not sure if this should be in Conversations or here but...

I bought two Cup and Saucer Bellflower plants (Campanula medium)at a nursery. Later when the nursery began their sales I returned and bought two more and was so excited to see them bloom. Well - the first two have bloomed and are definitely Delphiniums.Ugh. Yes, pretty but not what I wanted in this space. The other two still have tight buds and are growing taller.

All four had the same tag with pics of what is clearly bellflowers on tall stalks. and yes I saw Delphiniums in trays near them with their respective tags; made sure I didn't buy those. The leaves look the same and I've had no experience growing either of these flowers but are familiar with them. I grow the Cup/Saucer vine up on the porch regularly but never have even seen the tall bellflower in person.

Long story short, I called the nursery and she said "It happens, people switch tags". On ALL the Campanulas mediums(there were many the first time I shopped)? I told her I was calling as a FYI, but also was very disappointed. She said her manager would call me back. Should I expect at least a credit? or just let it go as Buyers Beware?

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Absolutely you should take the plant and with the pot back to them. You have at least to try.

A decent nursery will offer you the right plant -- if they expect you to be a regular customer.

I once bought a seed packet which turned out to flowers that didn't reflect the plant on the picture (I wanted a peony poppy and got a regular poppy). Not only did the company apologize, they sent me a replacement packet.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

A friend told me about a nursery visit where she witnessed a young child switching markers on tomato plants. Getting the wrong tomato would tick me off more than the wrong flower.

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I went right down to the barn and dug around the trash bag where I dump all tags,ect. and found only two tags out of four. Do you think if I took a photo on my digi camera and took that with me it would help? Kind of hate to dig up the flowers,but if they would ask I would. Thanks for listening.

Oh my! Switching tomato plant markers?! Grrrrrr.

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Michelle from the nursery just called. She said she has no idea what flower I'm even talking about and am I sure I bought it at her nursery (!). Yes, I did - both times. She went on to say that she buys those perennials from some company and sells them and doesn't really remember what she ordered in the Spring. When I told her I could only find two tags, she said that company probably would want to see the plant anyhow not just tags. Well, I told her they've been planted for several weeks now.

In the end, she said I could come in and pick out some plants in exchange if I wished; but she wasn't taking the blame for the mistake and will call the company to let them know. "Unfortunately, things like this happen". And of course all the pots of the flowers were gone so she couldn't verify what I told her. Oh, well. Next year maybe I'll find what I originally wanted somewhere else.

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Schoolhouse - this is a big rant of mine! I empathize with you. If you can get a refund, go for it.

There's one nursery in particular where I've been stung over and over again. It's a place where customers go through the greenhouses, so I realize a lot of it may be caused by customers and not the nursery. Mine are usually the right plant, but the wrong color -- and that can take a year to know in some cases! I will no longer buy from them unless the plant is in bloom.


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This was my first time at this particular nursery, and I only went there because my Mom buys her geraniums there every year and I drove her this time.

Yeah, if anyone gets a refund it will probably be them and not me. ha. Well, she did say I could come get "a" plant or "some" plants in exchange I can't remember for sure now.

Oh, and I forgot that she also told me that they only sell their Delphiniums in packs of four. That's why she can't figure out why I'm saying I have pots of Del's. Huh??? Plus she only buys 10 of each perennial from the company, well I wonder if whoever bought the other six faux Cup and Saucer plants are scratching their heads as they bloom?

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She sounds disorganized huh... at least she is offering you a plant in exchange. not sure I like the service though.

At my favorite garden centres - they offer us a warranty of a year or 2 depending on store, on plants that do die, but I am to keep the tag and the receipts for the meantime. I get a credit for each plant that don't survive. It's always a good idea to hang on to the tags for every expensive new plant you get just in case you have problems with the plant.

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I started waiting until the daylillies bloom when I am looking to buy a certain color since the tags have been wrong soo many times.

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