Brunswick Figs

figfarmerMarch 31, 2006

Thanks to all for the help with posting pics. I was pasting in the wrong spot. Here are my Brunswicks. Gene's are close with the exception of the neck. I'm sure that varieties will have their differences due from tree to tree. Mine have very big eyes and a good sized void (hollow) inside the fig. They are very tasty. The big leaves are hand shaped, although mine are a bit more on the dull,blueish side instead of very green. These are growing in the California delta in extreme summer heat, which they love.

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Figfarmer :Your fig is not Brunswick,here is the true Brunswick.Brunswick is the easiest to ID fig.The Leafe of the Brunswick is like no other.
Your fig might be even better tasting and better fig than Brunswick but is not it.Please do not give cutting to other people as Brunswick because your fig can be cauducous,that needs polination by the fig wasp and if you give it to someone outside central and southern Ca.,it will never produce anything and people will wait years for nothing.Brunswick (True)is self fruitfull,and do not need polination ,will also fruit anywhere there is enough heat to ripe fruits.In Fact most of the figs you found wild are seadlings that need polination by the fig wasp,and will drop all fruits everywhere except parts of Ca.Where the Fig wasp is present.If you give a fig to someone tell him it is an unknown seadling with very good tasting fruits.Hope this will help

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Hi Herman, I have never given, sold or traded a single cutting. You sure that mine are that different than yours? My leaves look alot like yours. I will investigate further.

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I see the difference now in the base of the leaf.

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You got it now.They are complettely different.Also one can be self fertile and other not.I know True Brunswick is,and that is very important for everybody else except Ca.

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Here is my local unknown fig (grown from a scavenged cutting) - I've also been thinking Brunswick. I think it looks like Herman's but would appreciate comment from an expert. The eye is more closed that other photos of Brunswick but maybe that difference can be attributed to climate or soil differences.

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Hi Eukofios:Well Your tree is as close as possible to Brunswick.If all the figs on it had closed eye like the picture it is Like an improved Brunswick.Interior exterior are the same only the eye is closed.
I know that in your Climate The fig wasp do not live ,So the fig is self fertile.If i was you i would contact UCDAVIS and send them a few cuttings along with explaining them where you found the fig show them the picture of fruitss etc.I am sure that fig is the type they are looking for to Replace the Calymirna with.They have problem with Calimirna needing polination and getting deaseses introduced inside the fruit by the wasp.I am sure they will want this fig in their colection.Regards

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Thanks Herman for your advice. I will update when it bears this year. This is still a young tree (this is its third year or growth. last fall was its first crop).

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girlfromthegarden(z5 Indy metro)

I'm thinking that these pictures definitely look much like the "Aunt Ruthie" figs I have (ones from her old house on Chincoteague Island in Virginia, that I started cuttings from in early fall of '04). Many of my plants (there were about 14 that made it) did set figs last year but spoiled during a hard rainy spell which made them split before ripening. They did have the huge open eye and general leaf shape of Herman's plants. Maybe this year I'll have more fruit and a working digital camera to post my own pics for comparison's sake. Thanks for putting these shots on here, they are truly a helpful reference (as are all the pictures provided in this forum - we have some masterful photographers among us!).


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I have a large specimen of a Brunswick fig growing in a container (in the UK). I should like to know how to take successful cuttings...thank you for any help....John.

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gene_washdc(zone 5a)

John, if you have the option, airlayering would be best. Wrap a section of limb with moist peat moss, secure that with foil or plastic wrap, then wait three to five weeks (you may need to add a little water if the moss dries out). Roots will grow into the moss, cut off the limb below the new roots and pot up. Keep new plant well watered and in a shady spot for a week or so until it becomes better established.

If the situation doesn't allow for airlayering, try rooting cuttings. The forum is full of suggestions, here's one recent thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: rooting cuttings

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newtie(z8+ MS)

aLooking for a reliable source for the true Brunswick fig. Any suggestions?

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Paradise Nursery got it

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Do you know what kind of figs the first posters figs are since they are not Brunswick? I have a fig tree that produces figs similar to the ones in the first post and I am trying to identify the variety. These figs are triangular in shape with a wide base, thick skin, and pinkish flesh. The leaf is 5 lobed. I have some pictures I will post a link to. The fig in question in the pictures is "fig 2". thanks for any help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shannon's Fig Pictures

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A California Hybrid,made from a common mother and a caprifig father,it happens all the time in California where the fig wasp is willing and ready to pollinate the fruits.

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