Fig tree have broken dormancy

tmc2009March 11, 2013

I moved my figs out into the sun today. We're going to have some mild and overcast days which should be good for the transition to outside.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fig Shuffle video

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OK Tom, it does appear that you have a fig addiction. lol!!! Sure glad I don't have to move all those out and back every day. A person with a fig addiction such as yours needs to move to a warmer climate. Come on down to Arizona where a mature fig tree is only dormant 1-4 weeks a year. Where a mature in ground tree can produce figs 7+ months a year.

I used to have a lot of fig trees in pots and in the ground. I ended up giving many of them away locally to other GardenWeb members. Now I'm down to just eight fig trees. Only six varieties. I have a lot of other types of fruit now. I plan on getting some jujubes next Fall.

No, I'm not done buying fig trees. There are five or six varieties calling to me right now. I'm just getting more and more picky. Because the yard is already full of fruit trees and garden beds. Any time I buy a new variety I have to pull something else out to make room for it.

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I need to start making some choices and get rid of some fig trees so I can look into an olive tree I've been thinking of getting. I don't think those are easy to propagate and are slow growers.

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I just finished watching some of your other videos. Have to say you have quite a green thumb.

By the way. I have a Trovita Orange in my yard. The fruit do not have any seeds. If memory serves it's a sport of Washington Navel. It should produce None-Few seeds. Your fruit seemed to have a fair amount of seeds. Kind of makes me wonder.

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