Why is it......?

maggiemuffin360April 5, 2012

...that the dandelions are growing like crazy but now much else is showing up in the garden yet?

Can you tell that I can hardly wait to get out there? Actually, some of the tulips are up and the garlic too, but still, nothing is growing like the weeds!

Happy Easter, everyone.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Gardener's law! I have lots of tulips, crocuses and daffs coming up, new growth on some daylilies and a very early peony starting. And weeds. LOTS of weeds!

How are you, Margaret? See you at the end of the month? I'm bringing my granddaughter with me this year!

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Wow, your garden is way ahead, Marcia.

End of the month sounds great - weekend of the 28th?

That will be fun to have your granddaughter along, a gardener-in-training, perhaps?

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Yes, the 28th. And she's definitely a gardener-in-training. She has her own little garden at my house and she also has petunias blooming on my windowsill already!

We had a week of incredibly warm weather in March and that kick-started a lot of things. I've never had crocuses blooming in March before!

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Hi I have arabis showing it's white flower tips along with some primulas. Fens ruby euphorbia is about 2-3" high and the burgany foliage looks great under the diablo ninebark .
I winter sowed for the first time-92flats and large containers that salad greens come in. there is greenery +++ I sowed all perennials: about 4000 seeds or more
- cephalaria gigantica
- columbines:ruby port
: fireworks festival
: blackbarlow
: Misc yellow, pink whites doubles and singles
-clematis;yellow tangutica
: pink cloud
-coreopsis: zagreb
-delphiniums:blue elf and unknowens
- dianthus:chocolate
: indian summer
: red rouge and mixed unknowns
-flax; blue, red
-dame's rocket
- gaillardia:red fanfare
: yellow sunburst
:burgandy silk
: oranges and lemons
:frenzy cominotion
-sea holly
- heliopsis lorraine sunrise
- lychnis rose, alba
- thermopsis caroliniana-false yellow lupine
- obediance plant alba
- malvas mochata and zebrina
- several phlox
- lots of poppies doubles-pink red mauve white-Lauren's poppy,angel's choir, pizzicato
-monarda-scarlet red
- rubeckias
- anenomes
-astrangia;ruby wedding
: star of fire
:moulin rouge
-cantebury bells
-geuma triflorun
- helianthus
- ligularia: marie crawford
- coneflower
- monkshood
- polemonium
- veronicastrum: culvers root
Call or e-mail when you're coming in so we can all get together to do a greenhouse shuffle .Sorry this is so long but--Iam so happy with my sowing many are about1" high now.
Take care Lois

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