WANTED: Anyone got Dragon Fruit?

natives_and_veggies(10b)July 27, 2014

I'm getting a little obsessed with the idea of putting a dragon fruit in my areca palm. A trip to Southeast Asia left me with "I really want that."
I can trade the following:
native red salvia plants (let me know if you want them and I'll pot up some babies and get them well rooted.)
cuttings from a weeping croton (same thing, I could root them first.)
cuttings from a native firebush that is a magnet for butterflies and hummers and has hosted a cardinal nest (beware, this is a REALLY hardy bush and we cut it down from 15-feet to two-feet twice a year - and I could root them first.)
seeds or babies from a Pride of Barbados/dwarf ponciana (I need time to get seeds going, but this is one of my favorite plants and hosts so many birds and butterflies - it blooms almost year round here in 10B. And yeah, it's also hosted my cardinal pair one year.)
Cuttings from a chenille that is a can't kill it plant.
Lifesaver plant cuttings (this is a succulent that produces a flower-like thing that looks like a black cherry life saver.)
cuttings or babies from a false roselle - has a burgundy leaf and a pretty hibiscus-like flower that's rose-colored with a dark center. I'm told the leaves are edible and a good substitute for spinach, but I've never tried them. Can be a bit invasive - I find the volunteers around the yard, but they're easy to pull.
calamondin seeds or babies - this is an old Florida citrus variety. The fruit is small and sour, little oranges that make great marinades or additions to cocktails. Grows true from seed, unlike most citrus, and is hardy. Never had a pest touch it, though the monarchs do host on it. And I've had citrus greening in my yard, but this tree is impervious. And actually, the little sections are so adorable in cocktails they make me want to have a party.
Jasmine babies - I have a million small jasmine trees/bushes that I regularly have to dig up/plow under. My tree is 15-20 feet high and almost as wide, and makes a wonderful screen between our house and the one behind us.
plumbago babies - I don't know how well these work when transplanted, but I've got a lot of them.

If you don't have dragon fruit, email me with what you do have. I'm probably interested. I'm prepping the veggie garden right now, so I'd also be interested in trading seeds. Anyone got interesting tomatoes or Seminole pumpkins?
susannahnesmith (at) yahoo.com

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I have dragon fruit cuttings I would share/trade. Not sure of variety, my son bought it for me and now I have tons - although hasn't fruited yet.

I haven't done a trade on gw yet, so not sure if it's any different than other garden sites. I'm in the Ft Myers area.


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