I'm Baffled...

whaas_5a(5A SE WI)September 14, 2011

by # 5...I would have considered that a blessing!

This article sure will piss off most of the US complaining about cool summer temps over the horrid rain, drought or heat the rest experienced. We're talking loss of life in these situations.

Here is a link that might be useful: Summer 2011's Five Suffering Cities

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I'm with you... Looks like they got it right with pick #1 though. I think they could have picked the entire top 5 from the state of Texas and few would have argued. Texas had the hottest summer on record for ANY STATE EVER. Wow.

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This will make some PNW folks angry, but...

You should try living here. The constant whining about the weather is enough to make you want to drive pencils through your eardrums. The non-stop complaining about temperatures in the 60s and 70s this summer has brought on many "How DARE you complain about this when you look at what's going on in the rest of the country" rants at our house.

We moved here about 6 years ago from Florida (you know, the Sunshine State?) We were kind of worried about the weather based on all the stories about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The truth of the matter is that in combined 100+ years of life for the spouse and I, the PNW has the EASIEST, most livable and lightweight weather conditions of any place we've ever been (including South & Central Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana.)

The winter "rain" is more like mist--in 6 years, I can probably count on my fingers the number of times the rain has been heavy enough to turn the windshield wipers off intermittent. There's nothing to stop you from getting out and about--no umbrella required. When the temperature is 50 degrees, it actually FEELS like 50 degrees--none of this "20 degrees colder with windchill" business. Plenty of days when you have periods of sun/periods of rain in the winter. And this summer was much closer to average temperatures than the last couple of years, where we saw temps in the upper 90s/100s. The average high for Seattle in July/Aug is 75 degrees (per weather.com) and people are complaining about a "horrible" summer when the temperatures aren't in the 80s. HELLO people, the AVERAGE is 75. Look at the data--a temperature of 68 is just as likely as 82--and it's hardly unbearable. The only bad thing about this summer is that we've been extremely dry for the last couple of months--well below the seasonal average. (And you won't hear anyone complain about THAT--they'll just use up drinking water running their sprinklers.)

We've been out when the sky looks like the intro to "The Simpsons"--you know, blue sky with puffy white clouds--and people complain that "it's GLOOMY" and doesn't count as a sunny day because the sky isn't perfectly clear.

Think people would be happy on a sunny day? Nope--because "it'll be gloomy again in a week or so". Turn on the news, and they complain about the weather EVERY newscast EVERY DAY. Go to the library, the grocery store, a social activity--and people complain about the weather.

It's like people who complain about the hardships they face because they're too beautiful or too rich.

So no, since the result you posted was based on votes, I'm not surprised at all. Seattle: #1 for complaining about the weather.

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I live in the tumultuous midwest and hardly ever complain about the weather, except for maybe during VERY COLD (high temp in the teens) or VERY HOT (heat index of 110) stretches longer than a week. I can't imagine complaining about what goes on up in Seattle. Is complaining about the weather just part of their culture or what? Seems very strange.

What would these Seattle people do if they were forced to live at the same latitude on the opposite side of the country? Would they die?

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And on a side note, although I do not desire to turn this into Seattle bashing thread, I just realized that Seattle's most famous contributions to popular culture during the last twenty years were grunge music (depressing) and coffee shops (pretentious). I never really minded either, but in retrospect, they seem like the sort of things that would come from the type of people described above. lol.

Please take no offense. I kid because I care.

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I'll chime in here as well. Like Lucretia, I cannot fathom people complaining so much about our weather here. Yes it has been cooler(highs most days in the mid to upper 60s) and yes, we didn't have many FULL SUN days, but this is why we stay a pleasant temperature. If it's sunny all the time, with our 16-hour Summer days, we easily reach the 90s. Who likes this weather? Surely the minority of people. I prefer 66 and part-sun myself, both as an outdoorsman-athlete and gardener. You can work outside and not need a shower every two hours.

Look, everyone likes sunshine and I think this is the biggest complaint, but compared to the horrendous weather striking the majority of the rest of the country, the weather here in the PNW is absolute bliss.

No big storms, no damaging hail(ever!), no severe winds, no giant rainstorms/flooding, no hurricanes, no temps above 95(usually), cool nights for sleeping and low humidity.

Plus the gardening is wonderful, as long as your not stubbornly trying to grow tomatos in part shade.

Oh and by the way, we just had a stretch of 11 days straight at 80 degrees here(but no 90s) and it was sunny or mostly sunny every one of those eleven.

Hopefully all the complainers leave, the roads would be wide open! :)


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Sunday was for eastern WA the warmest day of the year; we had to go to OK and TX in August to find summer. However, realize this is all part of La Nina, under which conditions allow weather to fluctuate more than is normal. It also means not only drought, but possibly a repeat of last winter, when all-time temperature lows were recorded in NM; I really, really hope NOT.

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