why am i obsessed with figs?

luv_figsApril 23, 2010

i have several other plants that grow fruit, like blueberries, strawberries, and tomatoes. i like all those fruits almost as much as figs, and all those other plants give me fruit within one year of planting.

yet i am obsessed with fig cuttings and getting them to grow, knowing full well that i won't get any figs for years. what is it about baby fig plants and cuttings that make me want to stare at them all day?

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debbies_cockatiels_2(__6 Philly PA.)

I don't know but I have the same illness , I think they call it fig nuts or something like that. I hear collecting
fig trees and cuttings and eating all the figs you can get your hands on helps a little , I'm trying to get one of each to see what is the best fig for my area...

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Me too. I think it's because figs are so difficult to grow in my climate. It's a real challenge.

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I am the same way. My peaches, blackberries, grapes, citrus, and persimmons get nowhere near the attention that my fig trees get.


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I would not consider myself to be a fig nut but I have far more fig trees than any other type of fruit tree. I keep thinking that will change. I purchased nearly 40 none fig fruit trees this year. At the same time I rooted 20 some odd fig cuttings. I fully intend to weed out my fig collection when they go dormant this Fall. In the end I want to get down to say 6-10 favorites.

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For me its the taste and finding another type that i like out of the many fig cultivars out there, im picky in taste.

Finding some dark types that stand out amongst others on my palate is what i look for the most not just another sweet tasting fig in the process i weed those out of course except for a few. There are exceptions for me such as 1 or 2 ornamental types i have growing that i enjoy and stands out amongst all of my others in there beauty alone.

Growing some long season type of figs is also a challenge here in our shorter season even in containers so the experimentation is fun for me as of late . Then there is the shaping of them which i enjoy as well. Been growing vegtables and fig plants for lot of seasons and fig plants always give me that enjoyment when they wake up from a long dormancy and the new leaves emerge for a new season is about to arrive once again.

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There's much more in figging than my salmon fishing. Perhaps that's the main reason my wife encouraged me to grow them so that she don't have to clean the fish. LOL. We have many salmon that fills up the freezer every season. Between me & my son, we can fill up the freezer by mid Oct. We pratice selective fishing as well as catch & release.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

I just love figs. My goal is...between my different varieties of figs, citrus, and other fruit trees, to extend my harvest season to as close to year round as possible.


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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

hey, why be obsessed with anything but the best?

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I like eating them and trying to extend the season and getting better and better tasting ones. But I think their most seductive attribute is how they smell when they have just rooted and are young and growing rapidly. You open that cover and Whoosh. It smells like youth and growth and life itself.

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I grew up in a climate where figs can't survive, and there was no one that I know of who even knew they could raise them in containers and haul them inside for the winter. Fruit was something that grew outside on trees, vines, and shrubs. I never tasted a fresh fig. I thought they were exotic and an unattainable fruit.

Then I discovered that fig trees do grow in the climate where I live now. That they can be grown from cuttings, unlike most other fruit trees. That they taste really good. That I can grow them from cuttings and pass them on, sharing my experience and successes. The first fresh fig that I ever tasted was on a tree that I grew from a cutting. Other than a small handful, almost all of the figs that I have eaten have come from my own trees. I can buy lots of other fruits, but a fresh fig in my area is rare, and the few storebought are unripe and tasteless.

I really do like my other fruits too, especially peaches and grapes, and tomatoes and peppers. But figs have a special place as a true do-it-yourself tree and a tradition. That's why I love growing them.

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I went from hating figs as a child to loving them as an adult. It was soon after tasting my first LSU Gold fig that started me down this path to becoming a certifiable fig nut. Anyone with well over one hundred distinct fig cultivars easily qualifies as a hard core fig nut.


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thanks for all your thoughts! i've been having a hard time putting it into words why i love figs, and you guys have all captured it!

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