cutting turned dormant

luv_figsApril 4, 2010

about 1 month ago, my cutting started growing, and it now has 6 leaves. but in the last two weeks it stopped growing. why is that? did it go dormant?

or do i need to fertilize it? its in 50/50 potting mix/perlite

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Yes, it's time to fertilize. I would suggest an 'all-purpose' fertilizer in the 3:1:2 ratio at half strength to get started. Examples of 3:1:2 ratios are 24-8-16, 12-4-8, and 9-3-6.

The reasons it might not be showing perceptible growth are varied, and it could be nutritional. There simply isn't enough nutrition in a nutritionally unsupplemented 50/50 mix of potting soil/perlite to sustain the growth of almost any plant, let alone one as vigorous as figs.

Some plants tend to 'leapfrog' in their growth, alternating between allocating energy to roots, then shoots, then back to roots again, but I have never noticed this in figs w/o some form of mechanical manipulation (pruning/repotting) on my part, which leaves me thinking it's probably nutritional ..... unless there is some key information missing (light levels, temps e.g.).


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I'm with Al on this too. Sometimes fertilizing a small fig or rooted cutting may make it produce less fruit. But when they are so small fruit production is not what I want. I want the tree to grow larger so it will produce a lot more fruit the following season.

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ok, thanks guys. i'll start fertilizing then. other things have been constant: light levels, temps, watering habits.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I wonder if those Miracle Grow citrus spikes would do the trick? the label says 10-15-15. I've got a few left over from fertilizing my 4 citrus trees. My only fig at the moment is doing fine on the vineyard drip system, and it is in a container. It is thriving, and it does get treated as though it's a Citrus! It gets a dose of coffee grounds every few days, and a handful of epsom salts.

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