Looking for brookcot apricot trees in Calgary can somebody please

mattpfApril 28, 2013

I'm looking for another hardy strain of apricot other than westcot I've already got three. I've got a bit of space trying to find another hardy variety apricot but cannot ,everybody only seems to carry westcot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Not much help but wanted to ask if you're after one for pollinating? Some say it needs another, some say no, most are self fruitful, sure it doesn't hurt to get another, it might help.
I had a fruiting Capilano Apricot, no other pollinator, it died after transplanting.

Any crop on yours?

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No fruit yet konrad They are all only around 8 ft On second year now.
I'm just looking for another strain. I'm not worried about pollination I've got a few prunus trees and shrubs . I left one Stella cherry tree out last winter unprotected and it survived but suffered . I want very hardy trees I'm going to see how much of the Stella actually comes back aswell a barlette pair that comes back every year and flowers but suffers more die back than it grows in a single season .the trees are getting smaller every year because of the amount I need. To prune them back.

Would you reccomend cutting them down Konrad ? Theirs no point keeping trees that won't produce.... Or will they ? I find every year the new growth dies back and some in winter but the thicker branches survive and bud . Will it get to a point where it may work you guys think or should I cut my losses and grow something that works

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

These Apricots are pretty hardy but most often spring blossoms
get killed off due to night cold/frost. About ones in 5 to 7 years [average] you'll get fruit set when we get a late start in spring and winter temp. were low, not damaging fruit buds.
So,..this year would make it extremely promising because we're about 3 weeks late and winter was mild.

What I might try is this, graft some plums onto you apricots, at least then you'll get some fruits most every year.

I see the same with heavier branches over the years, taking
winter much better then young trees,..sometimes it's going
a step backwards again.

I got some sweet cherries just for experimentation, they give me scion wood for new trials on different root stock, or grafting low and train branches close to the ground for winter protection, snow cover, if any?

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