moving fig tree

nj-momgardenerApril 25, 2010

have a fig tree about 6 ft. tall, cover each winter, never produces fruit, never produces leaves at top, always grows from base in spring. we are thinking we need to move it to more protected area, and need help on how to move it. also, should we go for sunny spot, or more protected spot.

right now tree still appears dormant, no budding noticed yet.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Not sure how big the root ball would be at this point. You can dig it up if it hasn't been in the ground for too long. Otherwise you can remove some suckers with some roots.
Choose a spot that is protected and gets lots of sun. For example a south facing wall.

Good luck.


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I live in Bowie, Maryland. My fig tree was a small little thing when I purchased it from a local nursery. The foliage looked attractive enough and I planted it in front of my house close to the house. It grew beyond my expectation within a span of 5 years. Last Fall, I took help from a local guy to dig it two feet deep and two feet wide to move the entire root ball to another spot in the back yard. It is back to life now. However, I planted it very close to the house again. I took my chance and moved it. It is a big tree. and I lost some small branches. But it is well and alive after the move.

Indu Modali

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thanks for responses. we have decide it will be too hard to move the tree, it is beautiful but over 30 years old. So, now need some help in knowing how to take cutting from tree to start over.

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