Best way to wax fig cuttings?

terry_upstate_ny(5)April 30, 2014

What is the best way to wax fig cuttings? I tried dipping the ends into the hot wax of a burning candle.
For my larger young trees, I could see dry pockets in the stem where I had taken cuttings from years earlier. It looks like a hollow core of the branch has no latex filling, so I have tried pouring hot wax into these areas, So far I see no bad effects to the tree.
I want to keep out any potential insects and diseases, that's why I'm doing this, also to prevent rot in the cuttings.


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Go to any hardware store and buy a wax ring that used to seal toilet bowls to the floor. Just ask for a wax ring for toilet bowls. They are cheap. The wax is very soft and almost greasy. Just smear some wax onto the cut ends of your fig cuttings, and you're done. Forget the candles, etc.

By the way, this wax is also a great to seal fresh pruning cuts, breaks in the bark, etc. Rub the cuts, etc. with powdered cinnamon, and then smear with wax to seal them.


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Thanks Frank. I would never have thought of that. It sounds easier since there is no melting of the wax involved.
What does the cinnamon do?
I hope that your trees survived the winter alright.

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Cinnamon is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.

I use it sometimes when I cut myself to stop the bleeding and help it heal.

I suppose that is what it does for plants too :-)

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Sounds good.

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If you have candles on hand and don't want to go buy a toilet bowl wax ring, you can just drip the wax from a burning candle onto a piece of paper or wax paper then dip the cutting end into the wax - worked well for me.

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Thanks for the idea. I will continue to wax the cut areas of the fig cuttings and trees.

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