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penandpikeApril 3, 2011

After the top bud has failed, another from way below has saved the day.

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I worked with a nursery man for over ten years & we rooted lots of woody plants, some of them were brown figs.
I have never heard of or saw this happen.
I can not wait to tell my nursery friend, he is retired & 94 years young.
Good job & thank you for sharing.

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It is not a rare occurrence in fig rooting when buds above the soil level fail and a bud below the soil level shoots up.
It also can happen that main stem bud above the soil shoots and also a secondary shoot comes out from beneath the soil level.

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The same thing is happening to some of my mulberry cuttings.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)


you're rooting mulberry cuttings? good for you, I failed on those and given I never even got root initials forming, I gave up.


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I'm also rooting white mulberry right now. I lost two rooted cutings to rot, and now after changing to a diferent metod I hope I'll get at least one good plant.

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