Is it time bring out my garaged trees

ryne(6)April 6, 2010

Is it still too early in CT to bring out garaged trees? I was told April 15th-25th is OK as well. Are all you other CT fig folks bringing your trees out for the spring-summer yet? Thanks all.

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Hi Ryne
I dont live in CT i live near Chicago.
I have been bringing mine out but back in when temps dip below 40-42 or so degree's the real little ones in 1 gallon containers come in when nightly temps dip below 45 to 50 depending on the plant itself.
Most now have buds that just opened .

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)

I live in Massachusetts and my trees have been out since we started getting mild weather at the end of March. The trees have broken dormancy and are getting a nice head start on the growing season. Bring your trees out but keep a close eye on night time temperatures. If you're expected to get weather that drops below 40 degrees bring them indoors.


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Yesterday, I drove my daughter to college to RI.
Here in NJ, all trees are in full bloom (Magnolia, etc).
Going through CT (part of RI-I95 was recently flooded),
I did notice the trees getting less-blooming as I went
more north. In RI (very close to MA), I did see some
trees breaking buds - which is the perfect time to get
them figs out...

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After letting them dogs-out; I would only be concerned
about any forcast minimum (night) temps below freezing
and/or frost, but only AFTER they break leaf.

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thanks for all the input. greatly appreciated.

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I bring mine out and if the nights are going below 40 I put them in my shed. Then after frost date I put them out in their permanent location for the summer.

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Ryne, I live in SW CT north of the Merritt where its generally 3-5 degrees colder at night than south of the Merritt. I have been bringing my containers in and out of the garage for about 1 month. Most of them have fairly large leaves already. I even left them out a couple of nights (like I'll probably do tonight and tomorrow night). They usually end up in their ultimate summer spot in May.

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I took my figs out March 7 and 8 and only put them back in when we had a possible 18 degree night forecast. We've been having unusually warm weather which is pushing them to leaf out - with our average last frost still over a month away. Not a good situation as they are not dormant and very vulnerable now.
Usually taking them out while they are still dormant, and the worst of the winter weather is over, will allow them to come out of dormancy at a suitable time for the area, and not have to be shuffled in and out.

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