HAVE: Louisiana Iris

nova_gwAugust 17, 2012

I have lots of these that need new homes. There are yellows, purples, and blues but they are mixed up so I can't guarantee what colors you might get. They are in large landscape tubs and you are welcome to take the tubs with you. Needless to say I would prefer you came and picked them up. I am in Marion County not too far from Ocala or the Villages. They do well in a pond or bog but also do well in regular garden soil.

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Do you still have irises? If so, please let me know. I would love to have some. Thanks. Patricia

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Patricia - Sent you an e mail!

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I'm interested nova if you still have some. How large are the tubs? I will be traveling up that way next weekend (actually trenton) but could swing by there.

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The tubs are large tree pots. I can however divide a bunch of fans for you if you want. I still have a plenty to share.


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Thanks so much Susan. I have wanted these for a long time and never seen them available anywhere.


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Still have plenty left if anyone is interested! Might even consider doing some for postage!

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Kind of late to the message, but would love some if they are still available. I work in the Villages and actually all over Lake County so it would be no problem to pick some up. Anything on your wish list? I might have it.

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I have a Confederate Rose Bush cutting that I just potted. They grow large similar habit to Rose of Sharon. I have an unusual Hibiscus called Red Shield, the foliage looks a lot like a Japanese Maple and it gets cranberry colored flowers twice a year. It can be grown as a large bush, or after blooming, can be trimmed. I have Yellow Cestrum, big butterfly attractor, but will grow quite large if not trimmed. I can start Nun's Orchids, but I have to wait until they bloom. They grow nicely under oak trees. Other stuff: Night Blooming Jasmine, Persian Shield, Devil's Backbone, Ornamental Sweet Potato, Christmas Cactus, Firespike, baby Crinum Lilies that I have potted, and Tiger Grass. Could probably dig up a patch of Australian Violet, it really likes moist shade, gets small purple and white flowers., a good ground cover for shade. Let me know, thanks for the offer of Irises.

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