Trying to save a delicate fig

MillstonejamApril 20, 2013

A friend gave me a beautiful little fig plant in the winter with roots, 2 leaves, about a foot tall. They dug it out of the ground from a shoot at the base of their special family tree. I put it in my kitchen window and watered it during the winter, not realizing that it needed to go dormant. It grew another leaf and looked happy but then it stopped growing. I planted it in a nicer pot and put it outside last week. It has only one sad looking leaf left. Someone else told me I ruined it by keeping it in the kitchen, and they may be right, but I was hoping to save it, especially for sentimental reasons.

Can I save it?
Should I prune the tip off the top?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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If the weather is cold, please put the little fig plant back in the house! It may not be strong enough to be outside yet (it is still
I think it is better NOT to prune the tip off!

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