Lost many of my figs

alb419_ny(5)April 20, 2010

because of rodents damage,was really shock this early Spring ,when descovered that over 15 of my fig trees where

completely destroyed by rodents,felt like crying could not believe it,the figs where all in pots,will have to do a better job in protecting the rest of my figs next year.Ciao,


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I would be crying for sure. Let me know if you lost your LSU Gold. I can send another if you need a replacement. Sorry for your misfortune.


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thank you for being so nice,Never had LSU Gold,but your Adriat is doing great is inside the house and no sign of
mosaic virus,want to keep this fig away from the rest of the figs,I will put it outside in a few more days .

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Sorry, I thought it was you that I sent an LSU Gold. I gave away lots of cuttings last year and received a late request from somebody.....thought it was you. I couldn't send the cuttings; so, I rooted one and mailed it out last fall. My mistake.


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Can you describe how and where did you store your potted figs that were destroyed so others can take precautions.

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pezzuti9(z5 PA)

Hi Giuseppe,
This advice below only works if the rodent damage was located around the lower portion of the tuunk. I copied and pasted this from an earlier post I had made.
Hope this may help you. Those trees are still alive and well.

Posted by pezzuti9 z5 PA (My Page) on Sun, Mar 29, 09 at 12:17

I hope you don't mind if I take on answering your question. I have gone through what seems like the same from your description years ago to four of my stored trees.
The first one I just threw it out thinking it would not be worth keeping anymore since the whole trunk at the base was striped of its bark by the mice. A area about two inches wide around the whole trunk.

A little while after I did that I came up with an idea
that I decided to try. The other three trees had the same damage done to them. What I did was to cut a branch from each of the trees and then stripped from each of them pieces of bark long enough to reach across the damaged area. I used a razor blade knife to do this.

I carefully scraped the bark from the areas above and below the areas I wanted to bridge with the fresh bark I striped from their branches exposing the light green coloring just below the bark. One of them was even below the level of the ground. Then I taped the three 1/2 inch wide strips to each tree at first just to hold them in place with just plain scotch tape later I covered it all with duct tape.

To my surprise it worked. Near the end of the summer months I removed the tape from the trees and to my surprise they had all grown new bark completely around the effected area.
In fact those same trees are part of the photos I posted above. I was sorry that I thre out the first one. Since then I have always wrapped the trunk of my trees with heavy-duty foil and I leave the foiled covered bottom of their trunks exposed and tie up the blankets that I use covering them hoping that it keeps the critters from getting under the blankets and into the trees.

I know mice can chew threw foil but so far I have not have a problem. Maybe its just luck but I have been using that method on all the young fruit and other trees I have planted on my property.. I live close to a very large field and a woody area so there are many varmints I have to deal with. Groundhogs are one of the worst.

Hope you understand what I have just described to you and the damage to your trees was just at the base of the trunk and if you try it it works for you.
Just my two cents worth.
Good luck!!!

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The figs where stored under the house,I have an older house,this room has no heat like the rest of the basament,it is a good size room and that is where I store my figs for the winter and never had any problems before.The damage was done by Chipmunks and they went way inside the contaners living only roots,was not able to take any cuttings of the damage trees because where already semidry.The rest of my figs survived they only had
minor damage ,all the figs trunks where protected,and I was sure the chipmunks could not harm them,but I was wrong.Best regards to all of you,


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Me too lost some figs (winter kill - my fault).
Not sure which specific ones yet - some hope of
root-sprouting (a fig survival thing) is still expected.
Good luck to you (...and also me).

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Hi Giuseppe,
i have the old reliables in hardy chicago, el sals and Violet de Bordeaux that will give some scion for you if need be this late fall. Just send me a reminder.
I know what its like to loose some trees, as like Gorgi i lost a few this winter mine in storage 3 of them 2 were really sad for me to loose.

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sorry you also lost some figs,I hope they will sprout back for you.
Martin ,
thanks for the Offer my Negronne is ok very litle damage ,but my Hardy Chicago el gone,a cutting in the Fall
I could use.Ciao,

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