Four Similar Scion Results

dieselerApril 6, 2010

I cut 2 bud tip sticks off my hardy chicago same branch right next to each other and did the same with my el sals same branch right next to each other 21 days ago .

I dipped all 4 sticks in clonex red gel just in and out of the gel all four treated the same.

I took some peat pellets expanded them in water then squeezed them hard to get execess water out and removed the netting and broke them apart into cut up water bottles and all 4 out in open on shelf in laundry room not in bin.

One hardy chicago and one el sals are getting roots.

One hardy chicago and one el sals are not yet.

Its been my experience in past that some sticks root faster than some sticks even when cut from same branch same tree useing gel, no gel, baggie, or just putting sticks directly into potting mix .

Best Health


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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Very nice Martin simple and effective

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This morning i carefully cut open the water bottles of 2 of the 4 plants then slowly tore the water bottles open, first one no root damage, second one 2 small tips of roots lost in process. Soil i pre wet with mister bottle very lightly. I then put into small containers and added soil with spoon and lightly tamp the top around stem. These never where in a bin but left out on shelf in laundry room that gets window sun.Today a nice day at 70 degree's they will go in partial shade on driveway. In short while they go to a friend. One of the others first pictured of the 4 had roots showing and 4th one not yet.From the first day i cut these 4 off the parent plants till now is 27 days total and so far there doing fine. I made mistake of not making drain holes in the bottles and i felt it was there time to come out of them.


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I have some cuttings that are been in the clear 64q container since last month. They have started to leaf out just like the ones you have in above pics (the leaves are less than an inch now). Should I remove them from the cups and plant them in 1 Gallon pots now? or wait a little longer.
My other question is, once I plant them in a 1 G pot should I cover them with a large Zip lock bag to keep the humidity high for them? or just leave them outside somewhere semi shade?

Thank you.


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Without seeing pictures of roots hard to tell, if you have good amount of roots you can transplant, if there in cups and been in a closed bin since you started them its best to assimilate slowly to outside the bins by leaving top of bin off for a short period and increasing that procedure slowly, most times if you just take them out of bin altogether the leaves will dry up and wither away.You can transplant and put a dome over them if you want to move them out of bin such as a empty water bottle and do the same little by little give it air to assimilate to the open.

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My cuttings don't have as much roots as yours does. Most of them have leafed out and they are still in the bin. I took two of them out few days ago and placed a 1 Gallon Zip lock over them (to retain the moisture) those two would not fit in the bin and the leaves were touching the lid.
As right now, I'm going to keep them in the bin so they develop more root mass, then I will transplant them in a 1 Gallon container.


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ah i see what you mean. Leaves touching anything in a humid area is not too good. If by chance when you put them in gallon containers and still feel the need to keep up the humidity what i have done in past is get one of the big soda bottle the 2 liter or whatever they are and cut out bottom and stick on top of them and let the bottom rest in the gallon container , you can save the bottle top and unscrew it to give plant a little air each day then eventually start taking bottle off plant and for even more air that not as humid.
Hope some of these idea's help , ive made mistakes along the way and lose plants still.
My most recent mistake was forget to put holes in the bottom of those cut water bottles i pictured in this thread but it worked out ok as i never had to water those cuttings.
Best Luck to you.

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Thanks for the help.


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