Desert King fig

keepitlow(6)April 12, 2010

Is it a good one to get for taste and container growing in Z6?

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The DK is a "breba-only-fig" (fruit on last year wood),
unless one is blessed with them-fig-wasps.
So far I had very little success with any of the
"San Petro" figs here in NJ (others had better luck, and
may differ).
Sadly, all SP figs are on the top off "my" list to

The DK is famous to be very good for the PNW.

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What can you recommend for a green fig that is a good producer, sweet and easy to grow?


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Latarrula would fit your needs, especially pot culture. However if your are in PNW, DK is an excellent fig to have in terms of reliability, taste & producer.

LOL George, I am the opposite -- I tend to focus on San Pedro types as anchor variants. Most of my San Pedro's are young, likely 3 years away from giving me their real results.

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I'm in NE US. The seller said he also had Oregon Honey. What do you think about it?

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I think DK is a must for the northeast if growing in pots like you intend. I say this because it gives you the earliest figs of any variety I can think of, the figs are big, and they are very good tasting. Now I know of some one further north that has success with dk in the ground, but that's too much work for me.

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joanicole(7 ashland, or)

I had a brown turkey fig that was in the ground for at least 10 years, when some gophers got into the roots and almost toppled the tree over.
I rescued it and put the tree (broken up by gophers) into three pots. They've been languishing in these pots for several years, producing no figs.

I want to know if "Brown turkey" or "desert King" is better for my area, Ashland, Oregon, zone 7? I want to replant this tree in the fall with some chicken wire (1") underneath it. I'd like to buy another tree if anyone has advice on the best variety.


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joanicole I live in the desert but I have heard many members from OR and WA say that Desert King is the tree to have where you live.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Desert King is a favorite in the PNW, but Violette de Bordeaux is also extensively grown. Violette is suited to growing in pots and the figs are reputed to be quite tasty.

I don't know how cold hardy Violette is to be put in the ground in Oregon.

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I think Desert King is supposed to be quite vigorous, I wonder if that makes it more challenging to grow in a pot.

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Naw no challenge if a fig plant is vigorous in pot long as 1 has the will to manage a fig plant by root pruning and pinching when its needed.

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