Blooms Affected by Early Bloom Season

blue23rose(6b IN)June 6, 2012

I really thought that with the bloom season starting about three weeks early that it would be a good year for daylilies. However, here in southern Indiana we had several 90 degree weather days in May and now the weather is more springlike and the daylilies seem to be affected.

Smaller, less vivid coloring, half-opened, and some blotchiness.

I was just wondering if anyone else had this same problem this year since it has been such a weird spring. I haven't looked yet, but I am wondering if it was just the daylilies hybridized in the warmer climates that I'm having the problem with.

I haven't been taking as many pictures because there have been so many bad blooms, but here are a couple of the "problems" that I've had:

Electric Marmalade Magic. The blooms were not open one day, and then the next they looked like this. This was a couple of days after a couple of cool days and cooler nights.

Early Fragrance usually looks so much better.

On May 28th, it looked like this:

On June 3rd, it looked like this. I've had several daylilies do this.

On a good note, I have had some nice blooms on some:

Russian Rhapsody

Yellow Ducky. I won this in the DESI club auction last year and my one fan has bloomed fantastically. I'm going to love this one.

Here's hoping for rebloom since it was an early season, but will have to wait and see.


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Julia NY(6)

If you look at some of our forum members posts who live in a warmer climate than us, you will see they too experienced the problem with daylilies not opening correctly during cooler nighttime temps.
I have Royal Eventide trying to bloom but horrible blooms so far. No doubling and the blooms are low in the foliage so far. Scapes came up too quickly this spring and then of course we had the downturn in temps and back up to 90's and then back get the picture.

Russian Rhapsody looks so pretty in the pic.


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shive(6b TN)

Vicky - I feel your pain. My daylilies have had the same trouble, and it's really discouraging when your garden in at peak and 80 percent of the flowers won't open. However, the colors with cooler temps are much darker and richer - especially the purples.


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I have a lot of my DL's blooming in the foliage or on short scapes this year and I live in FL.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Nothing you can do about the non openinging issues except hope the weather gets warmer. I guess Electric Marmalade Magic doesn't like it cooler. Too bad as usually it is a lovely daylily. But Yellow Ducky sure looks great. I love it! Russian Rhapsody looks great also.

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Yes, I have had a couple that never did open (Bas Relief, Clear Mountain Morning, Braided Edgings), and a few others that I tried to pry open and snapped off the petals. I have also had a lot of buds aborting. On the up side, the diamond dusting is amazing this year!

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I was thinking exactly the same thing today morning. Two more buds "opened" on my early noid, and they look like your first picture. FFO was the same way. At first I thought maybe some bugs, but then I also thought that could be because they are so early this year. In 3 years it never did it, always good flowers. Hope it'll improve and the others open normally.
I also have a lot (!) of yellow dying foliage. One daylily is so yellow the scape dried out :(

Yellow Ducky is very pretty, and I like the name :)

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Mine are doing some of the same- I've been blaming it on the lack of rain but we did have the early heat and now cooler weather. Blooms are lower than usual, including asian and oriental lilies, some are blooming weird-never fully open and I have one yesterday where the entire flower looked fine except for one mushy ugly petal. It looked like the one petal had bloomed the day earlier than the rest and was dying back while the rest of the flower was fine. Flowers that I have had for quite awhile are shorter than usual and smaller blooms, colors on what few have bloomed not as bright as last year. It's still early bloom season, so I don't have many blooming yet-but they aren't at their best.

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Oh yes, INDEED !!! I now have so much more appreciation for everyone who grows them in cooler areas. I gripe about the heat (and everything else) but it is truly easier.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

I should have read this post before I posted a picture of my blooms today. The flowers weren't quite open and the color wasn't as saturated as normal. Not only that when I went to "live" head this evening it was like I was deadheading the next morning. The blooms had already turned to mush.

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blue23rose(6b IN)

Thanks everyone for confirming my suspicions, but I'm sorry that it seems to be affecting so many places.

Several of you made good points about the upside to the cooler weather, so I am going to focus on those from now on!


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