Planting this morning

schoolhouse_gwJune 2, 2012

I'm only planting three containers this year so that I don't have to worry about keeping so many watered. In the two urns in the sunken garden I planted rose scented geraniums, the ones with the silver grey foliage that I love. In the big urn ontop the wall above, I put in a Datura Ballerina White. The lady at the nursery was skeptical, but I wanted both height and width in the urn; and since it sits high perhaps the Datura will branch out and down over the wall. I've only ever planted Datura in the ground and I know it can get BIG and spread out. We shall see. How many babies will I deal with next year? :)

Then I planted three Ajuga "Black Scallop"(Bugleweed) in the small bed in the same little sunken garden. Normally I put annuals there but going to see how a perennial ground cover works. I have some Ajuga "Chocolate Chip" in another area and other than cutting it back when it spreads out too far, I really like it.

Two more perennials I planted about the garden are Campanula "Blue Waterfall", and Oenothera Missouriensis "Missouri Sundrops". I always just called them Evening Primrose. Used to have alot but they disappeared several years ago.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

I really like my Ajuga 'Black Scallop'.

I also planted today. We moved one of the birdbaths a few feet out from its previous location and trimmed up some low branches on the holly. I moved some of the astilbe that surrounded the bath and spread it out and added some hosta I have needed to get in the ground. Also added an Endless Summer Hydrangea where the bird bath used to be next to the wall and steps that lead to the lower yard. Then, planted a Magnolia virginiana. More to plant tomorrow, but my back is shot! Need to run get some slug stuff, too, since we dug up quite a few, so that is it for the garden today. It was a perfect day and sounds like yours was as well!

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I wish I could limit myself with containers. They are a chore to keep watered. I would love to see pics of your urns.

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Ditto Sandi. Pictures of urns when they have matured would be super.

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roseberri, z6(6)

I hope this works I am trying to show you a picture of a Datura I grew in a pot a couple years ago. I live in Ohio and it did very well.( and I am not real good at growing things in pots!)

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roseberri, z6(6)

ok that didnt work so let's try this!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hey thanks roseberri. Well, I see that it may get some height after all. Hopefully mine will also spread out a little. It remains pretty much the same size as when I potted it only I see lots of new buds.

The nursery had yellow Datura plants that looked much healthier, i.e. bigger; but yellow wasn't exactly the color I wanted in this particular spot in the garden. Didn't see any purple, that is gorgeous.

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roseberri, z6(6)

Thanks schoolhouse, my cousin who lives in Florida gave it to me when we went to visit her. It went to seed, and I got some last year that I put in the garden and they grew but not as fast and I didnt get the seed. I still have the seed I collected from the potted ones, but it could be a mix as I had white ones in the garden too. dont know if it is viable, but you are welcome to the seeds if you want them.

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Thanks rose, I'll let you know.

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Finally got some photos of the containers.

Geraniums in the urn at the bottom of the privet arch:

The Datura is doing well so far:

The rose scented geraniums in the little sunken garden:

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Update. Datura in the container isn't happy. It did great at first, but then leaves began turning yellow one by one and falling off. Too little water? - I watered. Too much water? - I let it go dry. As the leaves came back on and got so big they too turned yellow. Finally I sprinkled a little fertilizer on the soil and then we got a couple days of good rain; but it still doesn't look all that healthy.

I'm thinking of lifting it out of the container and planting it in the ground? Is it too late in the season? I guess I really have nothing to lose.

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