Anyone buy fig trees from Aaron's Nursery?

keepitlow(6)April 13, 2010

They seem to have a big selection.

Black Mission Fig Tree

Brown Turkey Fig Tree

Celestial Fig Tree

Goliath Fig Tree

Green Ischau Fig Tree

Italian Everbearing Fig Tree

Jack Black Fig Tree

Kadota Fig Tree

LSU Fig Tree

Magnolia Fig Tree

Peter's Honey Fig Tree

What was your experience with buying trees from them?

Also, what do you think of the Kadota, Italian Everbearing, Peter's Honey fig and LSU fig?


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I think the name is one of TYTYs.

Look at both websites and compare.

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Yes, looks like it.

Is TYTY any good then?

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Hi Keepitlow,
hope you get to read this in time before making your decision.
Type in Aarons Nursery in search pane here there are lots of post with negative feedback also on figs4fun forum as well.
As for me i have not bought from them nor will.

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I wouldn't buy from them. Too many negative feedbacks about them as Martin said.

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I have most of the figs on the list but it is way too soon to offer any cuttings and some are reserved to other members. So I won't make any offers at this time but I'm sure someone will come along and may have what you are looking for. Just give it time.

Martin is one of the many honorable persons on both forums.
That's why I would have to agree with him and stay away from the nursery.

Throw some names out there and you might get a catch.
Also Bass from might have it or Jon at or Just to name a few.

Where are you in zone 8?

Good luck,

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keepitlow, not even with a ten foot pole.

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Save your money and effort. Also save yourself a lot of heartache and buy from reputable sources here on the forum. At least you'll get what you pay for. Tim

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

I ordered a couple of fig trees from them two years ago. I paid in advance, with a debit card. They never sent the trees. I called them at least ten times over a two month period, and each time they promised to ship.

I eventually filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Georgia. They substantiated my claim and Aarons promised them that they would send me a refund. Six weeks after that, still no check.

I then filed a complaint with the State of Georgia's Attorney General's Office. Again, Aaron's promised to send me a refund check. I had to recontact the the Attorney General's office. They finally did send a check, which I redceived nearly a year after placing my order, and it did clear.

I state the details of the above because Tye Tye aka Aarons has threatened to sue other entities and individuals for calling them out on their business practices.

If they want to sue me they can have at it. My name is Dave Freeman and I have retained the documentation (letters to Arron's, the Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General's office) to back up what I say.

Order from them if you like, but my advice is to go with a reputable nursery.

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Dave they cannot sue for slander or libel if what you say is true. I don't think they will be suing you anytime soon. They did threaten to sue Dave's Garden Watchdog unless they removed TY TY from their system so no one could see all of the complaints. On that one I think they would have sued. In the end I'm sure they would have lost and would have had to pay Dave's Garden's attorney fee's. DG removed Ty Ty though to avoid going to court which is really to bad.

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Does freedom of information act ( F.O.I.A. ) come to play?

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

Ya, and it's not like I called them theives and crooks. Just that they failed to either ship the order which I paid for in advance or to refund my money till I complained to the AG. If anyone reading this concludes that they are thieves and crooks based on my experience well...I have no control over that.

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WOW, thanks for saving me some money!

I'll look elsewhere.

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It seems nothing has changed. I purchased two fig trees from them recently. The Jack's Black is doing okay but the LSU arrived in dormant stage in April and is still dormant! I have had a fig tree for years and this is a first for me. Based upon the other reviews, I will not even bother making a complaint.

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