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dieselerApril 5, 2010

Most of my fig plants are a little ahead of last spring which was not a good one for me.

The tiny leaves are starting to emerge slowly with some breba at the bud tips that were not cut for scion but these usually drop eventually.

All grown in containers.

The Bad

Several plants do not look so good some have buds just turning green, some have tiny buds still brown. These are

Ronde de Bodreaux and Ischia Black and 1 of the 2 Santa Cruz Darks are the slowest , Ronde shows damaged limbs and crispy brown dried up buds same with 1 of 2 Santa Cruz Darks. Ischia Black a very small plant is not showing me anything yet but plants are still alive just way way behind the others.

The Good

Plant im most impressed with so far out of the new ones is Dark Portuguese after observing its growth habit last season its first full season and the amount of figs it grew on plant that almost ripened and no damage coming out of dormancy as i was almost certain it would have some the way it grew last season just really fast i topped it off at about 4 ft.

Dark Portuguese reminds me of my Hardy Chicago and EL.Sals when young although Hc and El Sals i remember had minor damage first season of winter storage.

Although its going into 2nd full season i would bet that this type will produce well and be just as hardy as hc and sals growing in a container and stored in garage for winter, its just something i can feel , time will tell this season and i will be showing pictures of this particular one as it grows.

I grew Dark Portuguese for a small boy across the street last season and told him to put in his attached garage and have been telling him when to take out and bring back in garage this spring and it is about 6 to 8 inches tall stick, no horizontal branches (he wants it as a tree) with nice green buds on it , he is happy and i said it will grow well this year and has been transplanted into a 1 gallon pot.

The others im not listing cause i dont want to bore are doing well also im happy to say.

Weather will be nice but plants will have to be put back in garage in another night or so as nightly temps will be back into the mid 30s again.

Best Health


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