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ianna(Z5b)June 17, 2013


I'm planning to order 2 David Austin roses this coming fall and need some help on making a decision. I am choosing flowers that are pink and want repeat bloomers throughout the summer. These are the selections I would like to narrow down to 2:

Geoff Hamilton
Brother Cadfael
Mary Rose
Huntington Rose.

I want blooms that are very double cupped and large. If any of you have experience with any of these plants I would love to hear from you. Tell me if these are okay, or are there any issues with them.


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Ianna, you might want to post this on the antique rose forum. You need info from people in your zone. My experience would be worthless to you. Old Garden and Austin roses are all that is generally discussed there and the people are good to help anyone with rose questions.

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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

I posted a similar message a while ago on the Roses forum, and got a ton of great advice about specific roses in our zone. I'm not sure whether all of the roses you listed were discussed, but it might be a decent read. I ended up with Eglantyne, the Alynwick Rose, and Sharifa Asma, I think.
Happy shopping!

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Thanks. I had already posted my question in the rose forum and got an ample of responses. I probably won't make up my mind until the mail order company posts their offerings which will be in Sept. Unfortunately, they were not offering Eglantyne this particular season. I have expanded my choices though and so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Another thing that will help make my selection is that the rose must be able to do well in a mix border.

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My mom has Mary Rose. It's very pretty, but the flowers don't seem particularly large. She's only had this rose a few years and it's still fairly small.

When she was looking for roses, she really wanted a Brother Cadfael rose, but found a great deal on the Mary Rose...and was able to smell it at the display garden. She loves the fragrance, but would still like to find a Brother Cadfael :)

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Lavendar it your mom that blogs? I was following it and I haven't seen a post for quite some time...loved her ... timing LOL
Don't know a thing about roses, my Wild Spice was bought my now gone papa and am glad for every pure white single bloom!

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