HAVE: Rose Cuttings Swap Lists

nova_gwSeptember 6, 2009

Here is my list of the roses I will have cuttings from this year. The ones with a "L" following the name will be in limited quantities.

For those looking for cuttings for postage, trades will have priority but ask and I will try to accommodate as many requests as I can.

Anne Olivier/pale yellow/Tea-Bermuda Mystery Rose


Bermuda's Kathleen/Pink/Shrub-Bermuda Mystery Rose


Bon Silene/Dark Pink/Tea

Brightside Cream/white/Noisette-Bermuda Mystery Rose

Carnation/Pink/China-Bermuda Mystery Rose

Cherokee Rose/white/Wild Rose/once bloomer

Cl Cramoisi Superieur/Red/china

Cornelia/Pink Blend/Hybrid Musk


Isabelle Sprunt/Pale Yellow/Tea

Le Marne/Pink/Polyantha

Louis Philippi/Red/China

Madam Lombard/Pink/Tea

Miss Caroline/pink/Tea

Mlle Franziska Kruger/Pink/Tea

Mme Laurette Messimy/Pink/China "L"

Mrs Dudley Cross/Light Yellow/Tea

Mutabilis/Yellow Blend/China

Natchitoches Noisette/Pink/noisette-Found Rose

Old Blush/Pink/China

Prosperity/White/Hybrid Musk

Red Cascade/Red/Climber

Tausendschon/pink/Rambler/once bloomer

The Fairy/Pink/Polyantha

The Gift/White/Polyantha

Vincent Godsif/Dark Pink/China

Here is a link to my Rose Album that has pictures of most of my roses-

My Roses


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Susan, most of mine just got their big haircut for the year, drat. Also most are modern roses, can I still get in? If so I'll post a list.

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joycrick(zone9 FLA)

I actually have nothing, but am begging for whatever anyone has excess of.

I spent seven years developing a beautiful garden full of antique and Austin roses in New Smyrna, and now am starting with nothing in Eustis. I'll be happy to pay postage!!

Thanks in advance for your generosity. I will give any donated plants a good home!!!


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Nacny -Feel free to list what you have. You never know what someone may be interested in!

Joyce- Once I fulfill my trade obligations I am sure I will be able to put together a "Care Package" for you! Email me a list of what roses you are interested in and I will see what I can do.


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I am a newbie and most of my roses are small - just starting to grow into bushes and not ready for a trim - yet . Go visit helpmefind.com and do a search for these names . Great pictures and info on how big the roses get , how much sun and so much more .
I do have these to share -


Louis Phillipe - rooted cuttings
red and can have hints of pink at times , 1834

Bermuda Spice
white - slight scent - often called a mystery tea rose

Emmy Gray
single red flower - named after a teacher in Bermuda

Smith's Parish
single white flower

Pink Pet - also called Caldwell Pink
a petite pink ruffle bush stays somewhat small



Bermuda's Kathleen/Pink

Bon Silene/Dark Pink


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Gatormom- I will definitely be able to help you out on Bermuda's Kathleen and Crepuscule for postage. I will have to see about the other two as Arethusa is still fairly small and I have Bon Silene treed but if no one wants to trade you will have first choice of what cuttings I have.


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I will get a care package together for you also. It may take some time. Family problems right now.


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Keep in mind that several are too small for more then one or two cuttings so give me an alternatives list too.

I am always looking for any very fragrant roses.

Ones that are already rooted are listed at the bottom. I left off any still under patent and those that just moved here from Newberry, FL. They are still too small.

Rose list September 2009

Abraham Darby
Alexander Hill Gray
Ann Marie de Montravel
Apricot Nectar
Arch Duke Charles
Bella Vista
Blanch Lafitte
Blush Noisette
Bubble Bath
Buff Beauty
ChampneyÂs Pink Cluster
Coquette des Blanches (prob wrong, very like Bubble Bath)
DarlowÂs Enigma
Duchesse De Brabant
E Veyrat Hermanos
Excellenz Von Schubert
Francois Juranville (prob wrong)
Francois Gualain
Franciska Kruger
General Gallieni
General Jac
Isabella Sprunt
Juane Desprez
Lady Banks yellow
Louis Philippe
Madame Alfred Carriere
Madame Berkeley
Maman Cochet
Marcella Bocase
Marechal Niel
Mr. Lincoln
Mrs B R Cant
Mrs Dudley Cross
Mrs Joseph Schwartz
Mystic Beauty
Narrow Water (probably)
Niles Cochet
Old Blush
Papa Meiland
Papi Delbard
Pierre Notting
Puerto Rico orange
Rene de Violets
Rosarium Uterson
Rosette Delizy
Sally Holmes
Souvenir De La Malmaison
Souvenir de Elise Vardon
Swamp Rose
Sweet Chariot
White Pearl in the Red DragonÂs Mouth
William R Smith
Cl Cecile Brunner spray
Cl Clotilde Soupert

Sm pink spray unknown climber, fragrant. May be June Ann, though seems to be more then a once bloomer. This plant has a very attractive lacy look to it. The canes are thorny, flexible and about twelve feet high.

Large octopus climber with very nice large pink flowers, good cutting, seems likely to repeat. This would be great for a fence where it could spread rather then climb.

Another vigorous pink, fragrant, large flowers in the bourbon style, with small mid summer repeat, may repeat in fall. Looks very much like Louis Odier or Rene Victoria, though neither of those roses did as well here.

These are rooted and open for trade.

Louis Phillipe

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Martina DeLuca

Hi Veronica,

I'm in Plant City....we met awhile back at a USF sale. Wow, your collection is big. I started buying whatever the vendor at the USF sales has. She wasn't at the July sale this year though. I ended up pulling out most of my hybrid teas, so my "rose walk" is bare. lol Some I'm still hanging on to. I'm looking forward to the October sale to see what she has.

Anyway, I still have variegated EE's for you and can add Variegated Wentii (if you don't already have it) and Variegated Sagittofolium. You have all the roses that I have, if I could even get a cutting from them.....they are still small.

I am interested in Excellenz Von Schubert and Rene de Violets. Others too, if you were to trim and have any extras after you trade. I just found out that my plant I bought online is not Excellenz Von Schubert....mine has thorns.


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joycrick(zone9 FLA)

As I said before, I have nothing to trade, but would appreciate any cuttings you can spare after the trades.

These are the ones I'd rally love to have:

Alexander Hill Gray
Arch Duke Charles
***Buff Beauty
***Jaune Desprez
***Marechal Neil
Mrs BR Cant
***Puerto Rico
***Rosette Delizy

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Got your list, Joyce and I know that you will get several from me.

Hi, Tina! I was just looking over my Von Schubert this evening and he has some great canes that need to be trimmed back. RDV is rather ratty looking, but I will check her out tomorrow.


I just remembered... AHG came with a broken twig which I put to root. It is still green so it now has your name on it. Also, above Tina mentioned the USF sale rose lady. That person usually has rooted bands for $6.00 each. The next sale is about October 14th. If you want, I can pick up some/a few for you. She almost always has Duchesse de Brabant. I can get cuttings to you from all on your list except maybe Rosette Delizy. As Susan said, let me fulfil my trade obligations first. Please send mailing address to hdickson at tampabay dot rr dot com.

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claferg zone 9a Fl

The Roses that I have

Emmy Grey
M. Alfred Carriere
Martha's Vineyard
Smith's Parish White
Smith's Parish Red
Swamp Rose
Mrs. B.R. Cant
Old Blush

Looking For

Duchesse De Brabant
Belinda's Dream
Abraham Darby

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claferg-I can get you cuttings of Crepuscule and maybe 2 or 3 of Duchesse. I am interested in you Safrano and M. Alfred Carriere. Email me so we can work out the specifics!


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I can get Maggie and Abe Darby cuttings to you. I am interested in Safrano and both Smith's Parish.

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Please send me your cutting and rooted plant list and I will ship next week.

I updated my member's page and you can now email me from there.


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