Hail Storm

memrysSeptember 30, 2012

We had a long and urelenting hail storm late yesterday afternoon, replete with thunder, lightning, and flooding, by far the worst in 22+ years living in this part of the world.

Almost all the leaves of the tomatoes, basil, marigolds, dahlias, and zinnias were torn off, and lots of those of the caryopteris.

But much to my surprise and delight, the newly planted and re-potted conifers came through with shining colors. Whew!

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Excellent, it makes good reading when they show their robust side.

No pics of the storm? Any on the web?

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Glad your conifers came through without any damage. We had a hail storm this summer that put holes in my twin wall polycarbonate on one side of the roof or my greenhouse. I just finished replacing them this weekend. I hope I NEVER have to do that again. It's a pain in the fanny.

Did you have any damage to your windows or roof?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i was wondering if lotus would ever come back ...

you may see damage next spring.. and wonder what it is all about ... it will be a mystery by then.. try to remember the storm then ... perhaps some weird pattern of damage needles ... bud failure.. etc ...

but it should not be terminal or anything like that ...

and hopefully it will not appear ..


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

More examples of climate change! And its been the wettest summer here I can remember! There's been hardly any bees or butterflies about to do any pollinating.

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salicaceae(z8b FL)

One hailstorm is hardly an example of climate change! You are kidding right? Hailstorms are common - especially in NM. This one might have been intense, but that is the nature of hailstorms - highly localized and severe ones hitting any one place is a random and rare occurrence.

Look, climate change is happening, but please only focus on real examples, not normal weather phenomena that will make deniers laugh and roll eyes.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

But he said "the worst in 22 years" so, not being an american I thought that was exceptional.

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Yes, it was the worst in my 22+ years of living in northern NM, but it was also fairly localized. Folks a mile or so away had only a bit of rain. I could see the dark cloud overhead, and it seemingly took forever to move on.

A number of the conifers lost some needles, and one of the Cedrus most of a frond, but that's it. WIth the exception of the herbs, all of the other plants were basically destroyed.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)


it depends on what your definition of climate change is. Climate always changes no matter what based on various factors. It just goes very slowly over many years. Human life expectancy is a flash in the pan compared to the history of climate change..

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Was a particularly bad hail season in this region, basically one was fortunate if you weren't hit! Six of my friends in different localities had their gardens pummeled, smashed and stripped of foliage ... oh, and I received it on August 4 th, though got off rather fortunate, as despite the large size of hailstones, the storm hadn't been accompanied by intense winds and surprisingly little damage was done ... even pea sized hail can do an amazing amount of damage when driven by strong winds. This was a year of abnormally high humidity spurring frequent intense damaging storms and heavy downpours. In one storm, five inches of rain had fallen in a 24 hour period, that's quite astonishing for this region and something I've never before experienced. BTW, Alberta is renowned for the number of hail storms received :(


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