3 years old without Figs

foolishpleasureApril 18, 2011

I have three year old brown turkey with full bloom of leaves but without even one fig. All my other Fig trees even the other brown turkey which is 2 years old has figs on them. Could be that tree a male. It never produced any Figs. And if it is a male is it needed to pollinate the other trees. I never intended for that trees to do that.

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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

foolishpleasure I'm in the same boat, with a brown turkey in a pot about 3 years old and no sign of figs! This was a cutting given to me by a friend of a friend who swore that this was the best fig ever.

The first year I didn't fertilize it but last summer I did add a slow release organic fertilizer. It didn't seem to have any effect.:(

I thought brown turkeys were self fruitful like all common figs but who knows it is possible that we both ended up with figs that need to be caprified.

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I have an unknown in the ground that's on it's fifth year (this season). I chopped it up pretty good last fall and currently have a few cuttings I'm trying to root just to see if it'll perform better from a fresh start, either way, this will be it's last yr if I don't get a crop. I'll be trying to fertilize regularly to see if that helps.

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stepandfetch(NC 7B)

most fig cultivars in America are self fruiting, including brown turkey

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So what is wrong with mine. Sometimes I think it is a gay. Needs to adopt from the other trees.

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Fortisi -- happens to me and I root pruned the tree. Immediately it gave me a good crop. Could be a coincidence phenomenon. Read somewhere if the tree have many suckers, it could affect its fruiting potential too.

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cazimere(MD 7)

To get your figs to fruit. Once a fig gets 5 leaves on a stem, pinch the growing tips off. Keep pinching as new tips form. I also give all my figs a feeding of Super Bloom when they first start showing signs of new growth in the spring.
Then i feed them with Miracle Gro about once a month through out the growing season.

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Why do you feed Miracle Grow each month. I give each tree one coffee mug full of dry Miracle Grow fertilizer 16-4-8. The label says it works slowly for three months. They get feeding in February and one in May. Also the medium soil in the pot is Humus, Perlite and Moss so lots of organic material there. Also trees don't need food they make their own using the air, Carbon monoxide and the solar energy from the sun and in the process they produce oxygen. That is why they call trees Human best friend they consume carbon monoxide which kills us and give us Oxygen to breathe. What a friend.

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As a kid, my dad cut a fig branch and shoved it in the ground. It lived, thrived, and is still there in the back yard giving us 50-100 figs each year. Never watered or fertilized.

I have two brown turkey figs trees in my own yard, and get maybe a dozen fruits a year from each of my 4 year old trees. Go figure. My every effort to make them more productive is without reward.

Figs can be like that.

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Foolishpleasure, root pruning will solve the problem. I've got 2 brown turkey trees in containers. Like yours both are 3 years old. The first year, I left them both in their same and no fruit. The second year, I repotted them both in 3 gallon containers and just watered them all year. They grew fast and fruited but the fruit just fell from the tree over the summer. So, this year I removed it from its container and it was very badly root bound. I root pruned it dipped the roots in some liquid root horemone and repotted in a larger container. Its been 2 weeks and the trees look healthy and growing strong. So, I recommend root pruning it and repotting and see what happens. Good luck! cheers, Dennis

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