Negretta Red Leaf Stems

dieselerApril 20, 2010

For those that have not seen this picture here it is of my negretta with red stems and veins in leaves. Its a slow growing plant but healthy just grows slower than most and wants to be a bush but i refuse it by pruning till it gets to a height that i want.

Best Health


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That is a beautiful ornamental plant and hopefully will fruit for you too.

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

I really enjoy looking at that picture

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Nice fig/pic Martin.
I think that I just lost my Negretta (my fault).
But luckily, I do have a small rooted starter...

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please let us know if this fig requires caprification,
my Negretta is still very small,personally I believe this
to be one of the hardiest fig tree.Ciao,

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I hope to know something late this season and will post pictures of what the figs did.

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