transplanting tall bearded iris

xtreme_gardener(1b)May 21, 2010

Just wondering in my zone whether I should move them before or after they bloom?

They don't need to be divided yet, I'd just like to move them to a better spot. I lost one clump near by to rot last year and I don't want to lose these, too. They're in a bit of a depression and I don't think they are draining as well as they should as well as being planted too deep.


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I always wait until after they bloom, in late July/August. If you do it now you will lose the bloom for this year. Planting in J/A will still give it enough time to set good roots before winter. Marg

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If your bearded iris are in danger of sitting in water or of soft rot in the location they are in..move them now. It is better to lose this years flowers and save the plant.

I planted many last spring...and I think having the extra time to settle in has really made a huge difference.

Others I planted in early July.....lost quite a few of them..either hard rhizomes and not growing or soft mush. YUK!!!

I was also given some heritage iris last Sept...not a one made it through...being planted so late.


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uhoh...I hate it when that happens! two different suggestions! lol
I could do without blooms for a year if they come back next year. they aren't actually sitting in water but I think if we had a cool wet summer they'd rot.
Thanks...I better wait for a best out of three before I dig ;')

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