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ct_tom(6)April 12, 2010

is there anyone here growing figs in ct. I am wondering if the potted figs produce well? I have seen and talked to others about covering/burying the trees but at times it is hit or miss. what have others done?

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I have an in-ground fig tree in RI...which tends to be a little colder than CT. It's doing fine, but it does take work to care for it over the winter. I used to keep it potted, but it always suffered from being under-watered when I leave for a week during the summer.

There's a good deal of info in the archives on how to over-winter potted and in-ground figs.

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Thanks Geoffs.

For smaller plants would it be worth while to plant in garden then dig up when bringing in for the winter?

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peg919(Z6 CT)

I'm in CT. All my figs are in pots. For several reasons I do not plant them in ground, one being that I'm unable to winterize those in ground. After they go dormant the pots go into my garage where they stay until they start budding and the weather is warm enough. They are now outside on the ground, most leafing, (hoping we don't get a frost). During the summer most of them will send roots right into the ground. So far I've been able to find a strong man to dig them out and put them into the garage in the fall and take them out again in Spring. I don't think there is any advantage in planting the smaller figs and then digging them up. Just my opinion.

Good luck,

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