Plant labels?

ingeborgdotSeptember 22, 2012

Where is a good place to get plant labels?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i like everlast label co in ohio ... there are a few others ... bulk is key to price .. be honest with yourself.. if you will ever need 100.. just buy them.. that 100 will end up being less money than 25 or 50.. bought in packs of 25 ...

whass had a post about this a year back or so.. as he was preparing for his grand plan ...

and i bet you might find a couple thousand posts on such in the GW search engine ..

and you didnt ask.. but you will need a brother ptouch label maker.. the one i paid 165$ for 15 years ago.. goes for about $25 bucks ... the labels are as important as the marker you put them on .. see any of FFB will's post ...


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Looks like one can even write the plant names on their E Rose labels. They seem like a good size for dwarf and miniature conifers.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

writing with the wax pencil.. well.. makes them look like some 6 year old wrote them ... and i will yell... NOTHING ELSE WORKS ... not paint pens.. not shapries.. not anything.. well actually.. a plain carbon pencil works.. as carbons half life is counted in millions of year ... but you can NOT see them from a few feet away ...

one trick .. is to leave the labels on the driveway in the sun until they heat up.. so the wax melts as you write ... making the ability to write legibly.. easier ...

been there.. done that.. and a year or two later.. when i bought the ptouch.. see above.. i replaced them all ... talk about a bargain.. when you buy in lots of 500.. they are real cheap.. relatively speaking. lol..

BTW.. i had 1600 hosta at one time.. i have more unused name tags in the garage .. than most of you have plants.. lol .. and yes.. they are the E rose labels .. with 3 different standard sizes ... for small, medium and large plants ... when ordering in bulk.. you can ask for such .. you can always push a medium one in the soil to make it shorter.. but you cant make short ones longer .. and in a hosta bed.. you need depth of bed.. so you need tall ones ...

and in all reality ... its usually the standard that breaks.. rots.. or gets trod upon.. and the label itself can be reused ...

the ptouch tz-131 is UV resistant.. they will last.. well.. i have them going on 15 years ... but the metal parts are not looking well .. lol .. good.. whatever ... but the label part is just perfect.. like the day i put them on ...

i prefer black letters on clear tape ... over zinc plate ...

where are the will's.. and their opinion on stainless tags????


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Kincaid Gardens Stainless tags the best period. I purchased 100 from a different company that were zinc coated... tossed them out after my kincaid order arived. What I like about them is the heavy tubing used for the posts. I also use the Ptouch labels. I purchased one on Ebay for $30 I think... clear tape with black print. See link below for details.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless

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