Fern Leaf Peony

sazzyrose(2b Sk)May 14, 2007

On Saturday mu SIL and I went to the Saskatoon Hort Plant sale. I picked up a huge fern leaf peony for $20.

I'm deciding where I want to put this plant. Does it do better in full sun or part?


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luv2gro(z3a AB)

Wow, what a deal, Shelley! I have only seen one so far this year and it was $65. I want to scout for one a bit later in the season and see if they come down.

I'll let someone who has one comment on it's best placement, though.


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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Shelley, I've got mine in full sun and it does well. I'm pretty sure that Brenda has some in part sun/shade, and hers do just as well. Just make sure you have it in a spot of honour to enjoy it's blooms! Btw, was it a single or a double flower?

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vrie(3/4 MT)

My double is in full sun- it got pinched a bit by a frost, but is still doing well. And $20 is a steal- the least I saw last year here was $45 for 2-3 buds, and I have seen NONE this year.

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I do have about 10 different clumps in the yard, in various places, in full sun and also in part sun.

They say that every 3-4 years is the ideal time to divide fernleaf peonies, if you wish to have a few more around your yard or wish to share with a friend. I usually divide one each year for my garage sale. Not sure whether I will do one this year or not. They are already pretty tall. I charge $15-20 depending upon the size also. They go for $40 here in the nurseries.

I took this picture of my largest fern leaf peony this afternoon. I need to take a picture of it later when it is fully in bloom.


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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

I do not know if it is a single or double. I forgot to ask the lady who was selling it. (Too much in a hurry to see what other deals I could find) I really do not care what type of blooms it has. It is in a one gallon pot.
Brenda, do you transplant them in the spring? Mine is budded, so I'm scared if I put it in the ground that the buds will fall off.


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You are not suppose to divide fern leaf peonies or any other peony, for that matter, in the spring...

Saying that...I always transplant in the spring because I have a perennial sale and use them for the sale.

If you were to divide it, gently take it out of the pot, tease the roots apart and plant at the same depth it originally was. If you got a "large fern leaf peony" how many budding shoots are there on it? Each of those budded stems has a root that can be divided off the main clump. The roots look a little like a thin dahlia root. It sends out a new plant by a vertical 'thread'. Just cut them apart.

If you were to divide it now, I would take the bud off each division so that it can concentrate its efforts into re-establishing it in your flowerbed. You should do it even though you want to see them open. It is better for the plant.

Hope this helps.

I have double fern leaf peonies. The only peony in my yard that is single is the Japanese peony.


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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Mine is in full sun too.

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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Full sun it is. I have a perfect spot. Even though I probably could divide it, I'll leave it whole this year. It'll mean one less hole to dig.

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bloomorelse(Z4b NB Canada)

OMG Shelley, what a bargain. They are too pricey here (if you can even find one). If it was a double flowered one, I'd ask you to get me one and I'd pay you for it and the shipping. Or if anyone else is willing to divide a double one in the Fall and mail me a piece, I'd gladly pay for it and the shipping. If anyone can, you can send me an email and we can make arrangements. I sooo want a double flowering one. My daughter checked out some nurseries in Calgary for me but had no luck. They told her at one place that they order only 10 each year and sell them for $100.

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monacda(3b Manitoba)

Sazzyrose I have my fernleaf in full sun as well. It is getting pretty large and I'll have to divide it this fall.

Valleyrimgirl was it difficult to divide yours? Have any pictures of your double - think mine is a single and would love to compare. Thanks Mona

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Mona, here is a picture taken from the side of my fernleaf peony last June.

Mona, if you can divide dahlias, cannas, hostas, lilies or any other perennial...you can divide a fernleaf peony. Just be gentle with the roots and water well when you are done.


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I am thinking about ordering a fern leaf peony from Parkland Perennials this fall. Their prices are way less than the greenhouses here in Calgary. I saw a few of them at Sunnyside last week and they sure looked nice. Just couldn't pay that price though.

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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Bloomorelse, it was a one day sale. The Saskatoon Hort club put it on. So I won't be able to get you one.

Redpeony, I ordered some peonies from Parkland last fall. They were massive. All 3 are growing great. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.


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So beautiful..so expensive..so want one..lol..savona

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monacda(3b Manitoba)

Vona write yourself a note to write me a note in the fall, you know how I am. You can virtually hold my hand while I hack...um...lift it. Finally be my turn to be generous! Mona

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