Help me identify my figs (pics)

jajadaApril 23, 2010

Hi all,

Had asked in another thread for help identifying my 20 or so fig trees. However it seems that a picture of unripe fruit and the tree it came from is not quite enough.

So I am creating this separate thread to, on an ongoing basis, post pictures of the trees and fruit until hopefully someone will recognize them.

So for starters here are the pictures I took the other day... and thanks sooooo much in advance to anyone who chimes in...

PS: the close-up pictures of the fruit are always from the tree on the preceding picture. Also, the wooden board you see in the pictures is 8 feet long and is there for scale.

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jajada I think your fig trees look amazing. If they were mine I would prune the heck out of them but I think they are wonderful. Fig identification is no easy thing. I can't identify half the varieties I have.

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When the figs ripen, post pics of a whole fig, fig cut in half, pic of the bottom of the fig, and a ruler or quarter for scale.

Also pictures of various leaves.

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