How to get rid of invasive orange daylilies?

ostrich(3a AB)June 7, 2009

Thank goodness this is NOT my own problem! I am helping a friend to clean up his yard, which has suffered from years of neglect. Unfortunately, the previous owner planted the very invasive orange daylilies in the front foundation bed. Now it has completely taken over that bed and it is totally out of control!!! There is literally no room there except for this daylily and it is spreading like crazy, even across the concrete walkway to the other side! My friend's wife hates them and wants to get rid of them. She would like to start over and plant something else there instead.

I wonder if you have any suggestion as to how to deal with this situation? I know this is a daylily lovers' forum but then these invasive things are just out of control... thanks!

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He should just be able to dig them up. He may leave behind a straggler or two and see some foilage coming up every once in a while, but just dig those out as you see them. It will just be a lot of work, but not something like mint that you could be fighting for years :) Whoever lived there before just let them go. When we first got a house, the first thing we did was plant orange daylilys. Someone dug a few up for us at a party, and we took them home and planted them, thrilled beyond belief. LOL We let them go for several years, then realized there were better things to do with that bed, so we just dug them up and tossed them.

I have a neighbor who has an impeccably landscaped house that was obviously done by a designer at great expense. He has a large berm at the curbside, planted entirely with orange daylilies. ?? Their color scheme is RED. Red roses, red shutters and trim, red cushions on the furniture on their porch, red red red. Every time I pass that house I wonder if they do not realize that there are also RED daylilies. LOL should tell your friend to dig up the daylilies and put them on craigslist for free. Someone might be very happy to get them to cover a bank to help with erosion, for an area they want to naturalize, etc.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Thanks, connietn! I guess I will just tell him that it will be a lot of work... :-)! What a great idea it is to list them on craigslist!!! Thanks!

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I laughed when I read this post because my husband LOVES red and orange flowers together!! He used to plant orange marigolds with scarlet sage every year until I began gardening. Orange is fine with me with blue, purple, pink, white, yellow - just about any color but red!! Personally, I think it's a hideous combo - but to each his own, I guess.

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:D I feel that way about it too, but if that's what you like, hey, go for it! It just seems especially odd with these people, because EVERY single thing about their house that can be red, is red. Even their garage doors! And then that huge stand of orange daylilies. I'm talking a BIG stand of has to be 20' x 10' or something like that.

Oh ostrich, I had an even better thought about craigslist: What if you advertised them as "You dig 'em, you can have 'em?" Then he may not even have to break his back getting them out! :) I'll bet you anything someone would come and dig them up!

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I'd love to see that house! I'm with your husband, suel. I deliberately plant orange and red together. I like to make people squint when they look at my garden:

Ouch. Bring your sunglasses.

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I have to admit, that does look very vibrant and cheery! :) You have a lot of lush, green foilage on that path that softens it, too.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I think that color scheme is gorgeous as long as it isn't in my garden ;)

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Renee, Pretty pics! I love red, orange and yellow, hotter, and hottest.

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My husband says "Way to go, Renee!!!!!!"

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ostrich(3a AB)

Isn't it funny how this thread develops!? LOL!

I think that the orange and red theme is good, as long as the garden is kind of natural and wild looking. It is pretty in that pic! However, it probably won't work so well in a more formal setting.

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It's Pretty!

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